Introducing… SKYLAR! Part 1

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

As you know, Mom and I started my blog as a way to lift our spirits after my sister, Koko, passed two months ago.  Having never been an only dog, the bond I already forged with Mom deepened over the past months, too.  Believe it or not, the felines and I took our relationships to a calmer place, too, guess grief can do that to you.

We never made a plan, we thought if Koko meant for us to bring another K9 into our family, we would know.  You know Mom regularly visits Golden Rescue South Florida’s website and facebook page.  (That’s how she found me when she wasn’t looking for another K9.) Well, we almost adopted a few weeks ago, however, the stars did not align.

Lisa, my special GRSF friend, sent Mom a picture on Wednesday, Mom sent it to Rachel and didn’t say more.  Mom picked up “Lady” for a sleepover Wednesday night.

She surprised me, Puffy and Fluffy with a wagging, in motion girl.  Of course, I jumped in the car and she KISSED me on the face! Huh?  We hung out in the backseat for a long time until Mom forced encouraged us to exit. That girl can sure pace.  We tried to sleep that night, although with the exception of 2 hours, we did not succeed.  “Lady” brought the following into our Mom’s bed: 1 antler, 2 bones, 1 hoof, many, many toys, 2 unraveled balls of yarn, 3 partially devoured rolls of toilet paper, and 1 sock.  Hmpf… looks like this girl needs remedial Scooby Doo Academy classes!

Rachel did not know about any of this.  Mom surprised her after school on Thursday. (details tomorrow). Mom did not want to name “Lady” without Rach.  We surprised Mary Ann and Dixie Thursday night and began testing names.  Oh, Rach and Mary Ann went crazy: Sugar, Lola, Blaze (Mom liked that one), and all these other Southern names.  When we returned home, Mary Ann texted Sienna; and we decided that fit.

Mom and Rachel took “Sienna” to Dr. Shaffer’s  yesterday for the once over.  On the drive over, about 25-30 min., Mom looked at Rachel and said, “How about Skylar?”  Rachel smiled, said she liked it and my new sister had her name!  Here’s Skylar’s introduction to Dr. Shaffer.

Another great and welcome to the family day.