Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What a Beautiful Day…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom’s got a touch of musical”itis” of late.  First she referenced the Wizard of Oz when I was working on my courage issues.  Then, she asked me to mention Singing in the Rain,  the night I had fun in the rain.  JJ and I watch Glee and SMASH with her from our spots on the couch.  This morning, Mom recommended the Annie Get Your Gun reference for our post title.  At least I know the origin of this reference… we watched Oprah’s Master Class with Reba Mcentire Sunday night.  Miss Reba starred in Annie Get Your Gun, which apparently left a little “Post It” tag in Mom’s brain.

Anyway, back to me.  I wish I could have frozen time yesterday because I would label the weather – perfect.  A cool gentle breeze, partly sunny with blue skies and puffy clouds; the reason we suffer through six months of summer!  Our friend, Angela, took JJ and I for an extra long afternoon walk.

When Mom returned from her afternoon appointment and before dinner grocery shop, she barely had time to untangle her bag, purse, phone and keys on the counter before the doorbell rang.  Two children greeted her at the door.  They introduced themselves and reminded Mom they met us while walking near Miss Mary Ann’s house.  After a few minutes, Mom’s brain lightbulb turned on and she remembered which house they lived in.

Over the years, Mom and their Mom segued during our pre-dawn walks from:

  • Good Morning,
  • To Have a Nice Day,
  • To where do you work?
  • To we like your lawn decorations,
  • To meeting her children,
  • To inviting them to visit us whenever.

Sabrina and Anthony gave JJ and I bunches of lovies and they discussed our walking schedule with Mom.  Well, as luck would have it, they met us halfway through our evening walk last night.  Sabrina walked JJ for a bit, while Anthony hung on to his basketball, which JJ found most exciting.  (She must have been a WNBA mascot before we met her!)  Mom, Anthony and Sabrina shared K9 experiences (they have a lab and have had other dogs along the way…) They gave us goodnight lovies as we reached the corner light, Mom watched them race home and we turned the corner to finish our loop.

Another great “make new friends” day.

I’m Singing in the Rain

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Ok, I did not exactly sing in the rain late last night, let’s say I had that Gene Kelly glorious feeling of enjoyment in the rain.  Miss Mary Ann and Dixie came over last night by car because Dixie does not like her undercarriage to get wet.  The rain began when they tried to head out for a walk with us.

Mom, unaware of the weather change, welcomed them into the house for a visit and leashed JJ and I up with our raincoats while Mom and Miss Mary Ann spoke.  As you may have guessed, I could not muster enough courage to leave the garage.  Mom and JJ looked like Laker fans with their duck yellow (Mom) and purple (JJ) outerwear.

About an hour later, my tank let me know it needed emptying NOW.  I barked and nudged Mom while she worked on the computer.  She asked me if I wanted to try to go out again; I answered by trotting to the garage door and stepping into my harness.  The rain diminished to a light drizzle and Mom figured I would scoot to the side of the house, empty my tank quickly and sidle back inside the garage.  She gambled and we left sans outerwear and sans garage door clicker.  Good thinking Mom… until…

I realized that the drizzle felt refreshing on my back.  The side of the house did not evoke any tank emptying urges and I led Mom diagonally away from the house.  She did not want to interrupt my momentum and off we went.  I passed a favorite pole on my young friend, Ruby’s yard.  I passed a provocative patch of grass on Roger and Vicky’s yard as the rain frequency and volume increased.  I passed the first of three favorite tall thin trees on the next yard and FINALLY decided the second tree had the right mojo for tank emptying.  By then, I found my swagger and wanted to continue my constitutional.

Mom led me into a U-turn because by this point, we both looked like this thing called very wet.  With my nose tenderly sniffing the ground on the return trip, smelling all the wonderful scents lifted by the rain, I barely registered my water saturation.  Gotta give Mom some credit, she gave me smell time on the way back, even though the rain strength increased.  Mom heard and saw Gene Kelly performing “Singing in the Rain” in her mind’s eye as I took her on the scenic route home circling trees, following hedge lines,  and tracing semicircle driveways with my paws over the three yards on the opposite side of the street. 

Another great day (and night in the rain.)