Mischief Monday: Guess Who Came for Dinner?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last week, I was hanging out in the kitchen watching Mom begin preparing her “leftover mix” dinner, while Little Miss “I Must Take Recipe Notes” watched more closely.

Out of the corner of her eye, Mom saw a swish of golden fur outside the kitchen window.  Her first response – double check to see that Little Miss Golden Girl was in the kitchen and that Mom was not experiencing double vision!  Confident that her eyesight was not playing tricks on her, (did I tell you that Mom failed the eye test at the driver’s license bureau this past spring?  Yup, went in and failed… had no idea she needed glasses, poor thing! Whoops, I digressed again…) she properly looked out the window.

Our buddy, Simba, wagging so hard he could have powered our refrigerator for a day, looked at Mom, patiently waiting for his invitation to come in.  Mom opened the sliding door and Simba bounded in for a grand entrance befitting another happy, happy golden!  We all greeted him enthusiastically and Mom wondered how long he had been “at large” because he smelled slightly swampy! (Which means we thought he might have already had a little swim in the canal!)

Anywhoo, Mom immediately texted his human big sister, Joanna, to see what she wanted us to do.  Turns out, Joanna now lives on campus at the University of Miami and was in the middle of a class!  She said she would drive over when class let out.  Mom replied no worries, Simba could join us for dinner and our evening constitutional.

Simba and JJ both felt the need to carefully scrutinize (VBP – vocab building project) Mom’s technique.  I thought we should frolick before dinner, especially since JJ and I already finished our dinner.  Mom tossed tidbits of sweet red pepper and carrots to all three of us while she assembled her dish.

Miss Joanna arrived about an hour later, just as we prepared to leave the house for our walk.  She shared that no one at her house (4 doors down) knew Simba had flown the coop and that, since he is HER dog, it was HER responsibility to deal with the situation.  Mom politely kept her thoughts to herself, with the exception of gently reminding Miss Joanna that she worried about Simba’s girth.  Mom mentioned that he heartily enjoyed our veggies (she was surprised!) and that we eat ½ as much kibble each day.  No judgment, just loving concern, because Simba is a super sweet, fun loving dude and we want him to stay healthy.

Another great dinner with friends, day.

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Simba, the Escape Artist

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Houdini has nothing on my neighbor, Simba.  For the last four years or so, he’s met everyone on the block, like a door-to-door salesman.  One of the first times, Mom received an emergency call from Laurie, saying she saw Koko running down the street.  Mom raced home in record speed to find Koko wagging at the door.  She realized that Simba was the escapee; she and Laurie finally caught up to him and tried to return him.  They left a note and Laurie kept him in her backyard for the afternoon.

Simba appears as a swoosh of golden fluff in the corner of Mom’s eye when she’s working in the office, hanging out by our garage door, trotting down his street (unfortunately – very dangerous), or doggie paddling in the canal.  By now, he knows us; we’ve bathed him, kept him for afternoons, had dinner dates etc.  Many of our other neighbors have taken their turns with him, too.

On Saturday, Mom and my human sister, Rachel, had a lunch date with my Nana and Poppi in some place called Ft. Lauderdale.  Mom made sure You Know Who (renaming in progress) and I emptied our tanks with a quick visit in the backyard.  Mom heard Rachel calling her and responded she did not need help.

When we returned, there wagged Simba, in MY house like he owned the place!  He’s so doggone happy all the time, you can never get mad at the guy.  After introductions to You Know Who (renaming in progress), Mom and Rachel put Simba in the car and took him home.  Rachel tried ringing the bell for five minutes.  Since they had a long drive ahead, Mom wrote a note and they took Simba back to our house and decided to open Doggie Daycare.




Wishing we had a daycare cam, Rachel and I envisioned all types of scenarios during our five hours away.  Luckily, we returned to zero destruction, only two golden and one fluffy black wagging tails.

Another great and playful day.