Follow Up Friday: Neve’s Birthday Stretch Edition

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Our friend, Miss Jodi, Heart Like a Dog, initiated this great idea to update readers on previous posts.  She created a lovely badge to go with her idea and recently turned her wonderful idea into a new blog hop!  Congrats!

Saturday: A Little Afternoon Rest

Mom captured a few pics of JJ and I taking an afternoon siesta.  Of course, Little Miss Fastidious (VBP – vocab building project) had to complete her pedi before resting.  So many of you understood the need for the fuchsia cheetah sheet; yes, I’m secure in my manly man-ness to rock pink!

Sunday: Neve’s Birthday in Black and White

Gotta love my blogpals!  You so graciously sent in bowlfuls of birthday wishes for my pack pal.  Miss Beverly appreciated your comments as well.  Because of the color saturation choice, a few of you thought the pasta sauce Mr. Giovanni and Neve hovered over was a cake!!!  Mom goofed and shared that Neve celebrated turning 6, when in fact she turned lucky 7!

Mischief Monday:  Destruct-O-Pup

We promised a mighty juicy follow up to our pack pal, Buddy’s, MM post the week before and you agreed that we did not disappoint.  Many humans wrote humorous comments as well as understanding the underlying cause of Buddy’s wave of mischief:  he probably was scared and lonely.  Thank goodness Buddy’s human parents are so laid back; they took his misadventures in stride.

Tasty Tuesday:  Plums Two Ways

We look forward to this post, since we get to share tidbits in preparation!  As Mom’s faithful Kitchen K9s, we appreciate your positive feedback.  Lots of readers learned that you can roast plums.  Mom provided a step-by-step link for the recipe to show you the process she followed when she prepared the dish for her UMiami Diabetic Peer Support Group.

Wordless Wednesday: Neve’s Birthday Stretch

Mom firmly believes in celebrating birthdays from the weekend prior to the weekend after.  We featured Neve getting a “lift” so she could enjoy water out of our elevated bowls!

Thankful Thursday: Recovery & More Catching Up

FINALLY, a heaven sent visit from Mr. Ron and Mom’s computer issues have abated (VBP) for the most part… sure she lost her calendar with her blog radio guest schedules for the next 6 weeks, sure she can’t exactly use her prior emails, (she can peak but cannot open, copy, respond to, etc…) but… she can open Outlook and move forward.  Baby steps!

We graciously accepted two sweet awards from our pals Clowie and Misaki.  Mom only allowed us one cupcake each; we’re going to request another today and the next day and the next day until they disappear!  We agree with several readers that the best part of the award process is learning more about our blogpals.

Another great, birthday sweet week!

Ahhh… Afternoon Siesta and Evening Meaty Bone

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

When Mom gets home from working at the Farmers Market, we keep her company while she unloads the car.  JJ and I then hang out in the kitchen as Mom puts things away and piles the dirty items in the sink.  Since the clock ticks way past noon, Mom prepares a late lunch and savors the ability to sit down after 5+ hours on her feet.  We accompany her under the table.  After cleaning dishes and her work items, we gear up for a quick tank emptying and then…. it’s Siesta time!

I usually snuggle with Mom for a bit, and depending on lots of stuff, I may move around the room.  Yesterday, JJ and I napped the whole time on Mom’s bed.  The only bad part – JJ continued to CHEW Mom’s wool blanket, hidden underneath her comforter.  Mom was NOT amused.  She scolded JJ and asked her, “Would you chew a sheep?”  No response from the Chewminator.  We woke up refreshed and ready for the balance of the day.

I tried very hard to extend my walking time last night.  As we turned the corner towards my friend, Dixie’s house, I saw the silhouette of a beautiful girl, heritage undetermined due to lack of light.  I pulled and barked so loud that – Jet, look away from the post for a moment.  Why, Mom?  Because I asked you to, Jetty.  Ok Mom.  He barked so loud and for the length of about 3 houses that he covered the sounds of the pops going on in the neighborhood.  Ok, back to you my boy!  Thanks Mom!  I couldn’t catch up to her, so I returned to my evening constitutional.  We completed our typical morning rectangular route and Mom acted very happy when we unleashed in the garage.  She looked at JJ and me and said those delicious words, “I’ve got a special treat for you.”  My tail did the happy wag when she pulls the bag of frozen meaty bones out of the freezer.

As chief of the fur family members I rightly get the biggest bone.  JJ, Miss Chewminator, loves bones as much as I do.  We go to our respective special spots and start chomping.  I worked on my bone for almost four hours.  Mom threw it away because I cracked it into sharp edges.  JJ eats her bones in a more lady-like style.  We went out to empty tanks before bed and kept Mom company as she and the felines did their nighttime rituals.

Meaty bones and naps, Sunday bliss!

Another great (Sun)day.