Sleepy Sundays

Hey It’s Jet Here.

I’m giving Mom the BIGGEST leeway today for posting super late.  If you’ve read the past few days posts, you’ll know about Mom’s busy week.  Mom’s work got cancelled today due to weather so, we all took an unexpected, yet welcomed three hour nap this morning.  Mom needed the extra snooze, let me tell you.

Yesterday, she walked us @ 6:30, got ready, packed the fresh and frozen food items in her car (with assistance from JJ – Little Miss Helper,) checked her recipes and packing list two more times to make sure… and off she went.  (Rachel, Mechel, and Mom’s Kitchen K9s helped pack her non-perishables and equipment the night before.)

She returned with less, albeit (vocabulary builder) good smelling grocery bags.  When I tried to investigate, Mom reminded me that my tummy did the infamous roller coaster ride for the last 24 hours (you get the picture, right?  Both ends, so to speak…) and I had to stick to this stuff called, gentle foods.

She unpacked the containers holding tidbits of Turkey Patties with Apple and Arugula as did the grill, the remains of the Bok Choy with Shitake Mushrooms in the wok, the containers with smidgens of Japonica Rice Salad, and the WORST… the Vitamix still coated with the Creamy Avocado Smoothie.  Hey, now that I think of it… where did the Roasted Salmon with Moroccan Spices go? Jetty, the group participants ate most of it and took the rest home in “doggie bags!”

Doggie bags? What’s that Mom? A doggie bag is a human term for a container holding leftovers.  You mean you gave out doggie bags and did not bring doggie bags home for your doggies?  Uh Mom? Do we need to have another discussion about “THAT’S NOT FAIR?” Sorry, Jetty, you know I always think of you and JJ, however, the groceries belonged to the Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collective  so, the leftovers in fairness, belonged to SFCCC.  Oh, I get it now, sorry for doubting you, Mom.  No worries, Jetty, glad your tummy is feeling better. 

Another great, catch up on sleep, day.