Nurse Jetty

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Part of my Scooby Doo Academy curriculum focuses on health and wellness.  This section includes my own health and wellness as well as others.  My sister, Koko, had a special knack in this area.  When Mom burned her foot a few years ago, Koko knew the exact location and tried to minister cleanings every day.  Unfortunately, the burn needed more intensive human treatment, requiring special bandaging.  Koko licked around the bandage and gently laid her chin over Mom’s foot every day for about four months to protect from further injury.  Koko also did therapy work as I’ve shared before; she provided a great model for me.

Yesterday, Mom finally spent some time at home.  I heard her tell my Auntie Liz that she would finish knitting her scarf by bedtime.  (She and Auntie Liz have an art show next week at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.  Mom sold more knitted items and spice mixes recently than expected (yippee, more biscuits), which means she has to knit and blend really, really fast to increase this thing called inventory by next week!

Anyway, she spent a few hours knitting yesterday.  I kept her company and practiced my nursing skills.  From all the walking at that Art Basel stuff she had two boo-boos on her foot.  I licked her wounds for so long, I put myself to sleep!  Jetty, thank you for your loving care yesterday, you made me feel betterYou have a gentle touch, just like Koko did.  Your welcome Mom.

My favorite part of nursing Mom’s feet is when she puts this stuff called Shea Butter on her boo-boos.  I must control myself because I want to lick it right off her foot.  Mom always asks me to wait while she covers her boo-boo and then lets me lick the small amount of shea butter still on her finger.

Another great and helpful day.


Air Sniffing 2.0

Hey It’s Jet Here.

I know, you may feel skeptical about the need for K9s to take a specific type of sniffing course.  However, Scooby Doo Academy offers education from the K9 point of view.  I will fill in the back-story of Air Sniffing.  While K9s excel in sniffing, subtle differences exist within this genre.  For example, my sister, Koko, excelled in ground sniffing; when off leash, she sniffed the ground in grid-like patterns that fascinated us.  As a member of the retriever family, her breed evolved to retrieve the birds their human hunters shot; methodical ground sniffing therefore is a sub-specialty of sniffing.

While I have flat coat retriever heritage, Mom says I excel in sniffing like the Border collie heritage I possess.  Since collies belong to the herding group, air sniffing would become essential to locate herds.  Because I live in the tropical burbs, I enroll in Scooby Doo Academy’s change of season air sniffing class.  I passed 1.0 last year.  My first autumn/winter with Mom I did not enroll because I had to do this adjusting stuff.  If you live elsewhere, there may be seasonal differences.

Over the last few days, we had one of our first big temperature drops.  When the weather changes like that and a light wind or stronger exists, here’s what I do.

  • Exit garage with Mom.
  • Pause – assume the tail at rest position or the full ‘cue tail position. (if unfamiliar with Tail Talk, read this)
  • Look ahead, sniff, look up to the heavens, sniff.
  • Look side to side and sniff.
  • Make internal calculations like a NASA scientist.
  • Determine best route to take suggest to Mom.
  • Proceed with walk.
  • Repeat as needed.

(Forgive my somewhat feminine Hannukah collar, I traded with Koko really fast that year!)

One air sniff result that causes me to 180 back to the house?  Fire.  Year after year, Mom tries to explain the concept of fireplaces.  However, it’s in the collie genes – fire, protect self and herd – GET OUT OF THERE!

Another great and sniffy day.


6:25 Squawkers and 6:35 Walkers

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, Mom and I began our morning constitutional about ten minutes later than usual.  Most days, we head out between 6:10/6:15 a.m.  Because I’m such a gentleman, I curl up on the couch and politely wait until Mom finishes her breakfast.  Jet, tell the truth, you bark your “I’m ready, what’s taking you so long” woof in combination with wagging and dancing the K9 jig about 2/3 through whatever I’m eating for breakfast.  Mom, I’m looking out for your portion control.  Jet… Yes, Mom.

Anyway, because of the recent time change, see Human Peeves, the birds in our area exercise earlier too.  Over the last few mornings, amazingly at the same time, a flock of birds cross our path diagonally from Southeast to Northwest and boy do they squawk.  They totally disturb my Scooby Doo Academy sniff detecting practice.

Mom thought they might be the noisy flock of parrots that escaped from Parrot Jungle and now hover in our general area.  In fact, the parrots used to distract my sister, Koko, when she and Mom did pet therapy at S. Miami Hospital.  However, Mom decided they are black, not green.  When the Ibis flock sails overhead, all you hear is swoosh, so, count them out.  It’s a bit of an ongoing mystery for us, Jet, student of Scooby Doo Academy and Mom, curious by nature.

So, I go back to detecting; head down, sniffing each blade of grass, hedge, palm tree and hark – I hear voices.  A pack of 2 female humans walking very fast pass us.  Mom and the ladies exchange morning greetings.  (Some days their pack has up to 4 ladies talking, talking, talking.)  One lady always tells Mom how afraid of dogs she is.  The crazy part – she owns a small barky bark dog named Herbie.  I’m Jet the gentleman, Mom, maybe I need a sign?

Another great day.

K9 Math

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Guess what?  Scooby Doo Academy likes math and science as much as Mom and I do.  I’m doing my first K9 math/science class assignment about equations.  They asked for an example of an equation that I have experienced.  I discussed my options with Mom and then last night, the perfect situation presented itself.  Here’s what I will hand in:


Plus, no rain, thunder or

EQUALS  Mom’s email is goofy again, so, we could not use her real red boots with moose on them.  Also, Mom spent lots of time toweling me off, so, no personal pics of my muddy paws.

Another great, splashy, muddy night!