Tasty Tuesday – Fishing Cats?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our seventh participating post!

You know Mom loves to research and reads a zillion items for her Kitchen Counselor newsletter, Servings.  JJ and I, her trusty Kitchen K-9 listen carefully when Mom shares interesting kitchen info, particularly when it has to do with 4 legged beings! Well, she came across this article and video  from ABC News about fishing cats.  Oh, it’s a sad story…

In this far away place called Thailand, a rare breed of cat with webbed feet and a pointed head, called Fishing Cats are in DANGER.  Why?  Well, in one word… SHRIMP.

Image credit to AFP/Getty Images.

According to biologist, Namfom Cutter, “Shrimp farmers dig big holes and raise hundreds of thousands of shrimp, which are then sorted, put on ice and shipped out.  The farms threaten fishing cats in two ways, Cutter said. The first is that the cats are losing their natural habitat to metastasizing shrimp farms, and are sometimes driven to kill chickens belonging to local villagers. Then those villagers turn around and kill the cats.”

What can humans do to help prevent the extinction of fishing cats?  DO NOT BUY SHRIMP FROM THAILAND.  In fact, did you know you can download a safe seafood pocket guide to carry with you when you shop?  Yup, Mom told me.   I know that’s a tall order, but gosh, a cat species going that thingie called extinct?  That’s super serious and like…FOREVER… and not forever in a good way like forever home.

“Cutter and the other fishing cat conservationists said they aren’t trying to shut down the shrimp farms, but just to get them to operate more sustainably and carefully. But what would really help, she said, would be a little pressure from us.

From all of us 4 legged beings, THANKS FOR HELPING.

Another great, sustainable shrimp please, day.