Did I Make It Rain?

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Lately, I’m beginning to wonder, can I make it rain?  Mom says she thinks I may have some special powers similar to the car wash industry.  I didn’t understand what she meant, so, she explained.

There seems to be a connection between the day you wash your car and the next rain storm.  Mom says the same goes for me, as soon as we have spa day (Saturday this past week), the weather turns rainy.  During the wet season, ok, to be expected, however, this time of year, rain becomes infrequent.  Mom said we must remember gratitude, since S. Florida often ends up in a drought situation from now until May.

On the other hand, she gets this thing called bummed out because my clean paws, legs, head, tail and belly trot through or graze the elements, removing the great smelling Buddy Wash Green Tea Rosemary from my fur.  And, just between you and me… Mom LOVES the smell of Green Tea Rosemary in my fur!

Did you wonder why I left out my back?  Well, that’s because Mom and I wear raincoats.  Yup, she calls it my SuperJet raincoat because it’s red and slightly capelike (she couldn’t find exactly the right L size because the company stopped making the style she liked.  She had to order an XL size, the only plus, the price went from $25 to $7!)

As mentioned before, I love helping (read this).  If I do possess special rain powers, I should become the first ever K9 rain ambassador and travel the world!  The only limitation; I participate in spa days only twice a month, otherwise my handsome self would experience dry skin and dull fur.  Should I get my pawsport ready?

Another great day.