Chopped Liver Mischief

Hey It’s Jet Here.

If you saw our post yesterday, you met Grammy.  Ruby rang the bell on Saturday afternoon beyond excited to introduce Grammy to Mom and Rachel.  Even though Mom was keeping her word and resting all afternoon and Rachel was Skyping, they couldn’t resist visiting with the soft, black & white bunny.

They stayed by the front door/dining room area, which happens to be cordoned off  (VBP – Vocab Builder Project) from the furfamily members of Casa Jet by two pocket doors.  Little Miss Casa Jet Welcome Committee Chairwoman and I could not believe this turn of events.  We heard the ladies laughing, oohing, ahhing, chatting, and doing the clicking thingie with pictures.






Then we heard our beloved Ruby utter the words ALWAYS SAVED FOR USI just can’t help it, I have to CUDDLE… GRAMMY!”   How did we become Chopped Liver???

Finally, they entered the kitchen with Grammy and allowed us to sniff a little.  Ruby placed Grammy on the counter for safety and Mom caught a shot of Little Miss Curiosity with Ruby and Grammy.


I’ll forgive Ruby ANYTHING, but… I will call Mischief on her today!

Another great, slightly hurt feelings, day.

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