3:45 a.m. – Great time for Snuggles!

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

As you may have deduced (vocabulary building word), Mom’s running a deficit in the sleep department.  She fell asleep early last night after watching the Miami Heat claim victory over her childhood team, The New York Knicks.  I matched the Heat jersey colors perfectly last night showing my solidarity with DWade, LeBron, Chris Bosch, and the guys. JJ and I let her sleep instead of waking her for our “before bed tank emptying.”  The downside of that decision – we wake up earlier than usual.

Mom and I woke up, (Ok, I might have helped her wake up just a little) at 3:45 a.m.  She keeps her old cell phone on the bedside table to use as an alarm clock, since her alarm clock mysteriously fell to the ground one too many times.

When Mom wants us to know it’s too early to rise, she turns on her side and slides her pillow off her sleeping wedge.  I take my cue and reposition myself.  I look like one side of a human “unibrow” with my head meeting Mom’s on her pillow.  With her eyes closed, she pets my fur and massages one side of my head, cupping her hand behind my ear.  Oh, that feels really good.  I lick her resting hand to show my appreciation. (the picture is not me or my our bed, gives you an idea though…)

After a while, I reposition again; I look like the filling to a reverse Capital “C”.  Mom can reach my belly this way and I can reach her extended left arm to lick and show my appreciation.  The last reposition ends in spooning; with Mom generously sharing her pillow with me.  By 4:17 a.m. Mom surrendered to the hope of falling back to sleep, turned on the tv to watch the end of this show called Project Runway and then watched Private Practice, which she completely slept through last night.

At 5:19 a.m., JJ and I flanked Mom like plane wings while she took dictation for this post.  We started to nudge her for breakfast eleven minutes to 6:00 a.m., even though the post reflects off the monitor incomplete.  We’ll give her a few more minutes!

Another great and early start to the day.