Boom, Boom, Boom, Black

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

We apologize for the late post.  Mom has fought her computer again.  She said this thing called firefox will not work and she had difficulty accessing the internet.  She figured out a temporary solution and here we are.

Just as my nightly Courage Meter began to inch up, last night happened.  

My human sister, Rachel, accompanied us on our nightly walk to Dixie’s house.  The ladies tried a new idea to shift me over my reluctance (Jet – reluctance? Let’s try refusal) to walk past Dixie’s house.  We crossed the street and guess what? Same thing!  Back to the Drawing Board. 

Shortly after returning home, we heard a big boom.  Mom suggests the word explosion to differentiate (I’ve worked on building my vocabulary!) between the holiday booms and last night’s sound.  She told Rachel that the sound probably arose from a transformer blowing out, not that uncommon in our area, unfortunately.  We weathered that noise reasonably well.   And then… 

While Mom and JJ walked outside for last tank emptying (I couldn’t muster enough courage.), IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  Within an hour give or take, a louder boom of the same nature occurred, freaking out Rachel and I in the house and JJ and Mom outside.  Mom returned quickly with JJ, tried to calm all of us down and decided to check in with the police.  The dispatcher said she would send out a car to the area.  Good idea Mom.  Thanks Jetty

About 15-20 minutes later, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  Rachel and I really freaked out this time.  Mom called the police again.  They said we were the only call, however, the officer from the first call did hear the boom.  Mary Ann called Mom to say she heard it too and Mr. Jim called the police.  

Well, another 15-20 minutes passed, and BLACK, the lights went out.  For all the horror movies Rachel watches, she joined me in my extreme discomfort.  Mom got out the flashlights and candles.  Rachel called her Dad, who investigated and learned that 500 houses in our area lost power.  Eventually, we settled into the darkness with Rachel and Mom chatting from bedroom to bedroom.  We heard the FPL trucks which restored power within about one and a half hours, just as Mom, JJ, and I drifted off to sleep. 

Another great day.  (because I can catch up on my sleep and it’s light out…)