Possom Protector

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Oh the nerve, the gall, the stones!  That rapscallion had the chutzpah to stare at me from the top of the fence with his beady little eyes and dare me to act.  Well, I jumped, I barked, I sneered and put the fear of fur in that possum and he fled the scene.  Mom and Rachel wouldn’t have known what to do without me.

Excuse me, Jet?  Yes Mom.  Rachel tells the story slightly differently.  She said that she noticed the varmint first and then you responded.  Mom, didn’t I stand stock still, locate the target, stare him down and make him vanish?  Yes, Jet, that you did.  Well then?  Ok, Jet, I’ll corroborate your version for Scooby Doo Academy as well as thank you for protecting us from unsuitable wildlife.

Thanks Mom.

Jet, this is awfully short, don’t you have something else to share?  Mom, you know I do, I’ll tell the readers there’s big news in store, ok?  Ok, Jet, good idea.

Another great and protective day.