Tasty Tuesdays – Expo West 2012

Hey It’s Jet Here

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our second participating post!

While Mom and I did not have the good fortune to attend Expo West, the natural products trade show, we saw a slide show touting the top natural pet products from the event.  Here’s my take on the products.

  1. Nulo Natural’s Pet Food – Noted for their streamlined new packaging, I give it 4 paws up for a lovely new design.
  2. Cloud Star’s Wag More Bark Less soft & chewy treats – JJ and I love Cloud Star’s Buddy Wash Shampoo and their cookies.  Mom gets a kick out of the Wag More Bark less decals and products. We love treats in general, so, 4 paws up for their new treat.
  3. Zuke’s Pet Performance Hip Action – Mom uses Zuke’s treats on Spa Days only, so we have a soft spot in our bellies for this company.  They reformulated their hip action and gave it a new package.  I think that deserves 4 paws up!
  4. Precise Products Grain Free Precise Holistic Complete – We applaud Precise Products for providing healthy, tasty options for my fellow K9s and felines with allergies.  Mom has food sensitivities, so, she really gets it!  4 paws up!
  5. Castor & Pollux Pet Works Small Breed Adult Dog Food – JJ and I enthusiastically chew on this companies knots.  Even though I cannot relate to the word small, most of our walking pack (Dixie, Neve, Freddie, etc…) come in small packages.  Castor & Pollux rolled out this formula in new RECYCLABLE packaging (yippee).  A hearty 4 paws up, especially in time for Earth Day.
  6. Puppy Dust – Ok, who can resist the name?  K9s who need motivation to eat? Can’t even relate to that issue, however, for the K9s who do, this grain free, natural product sounds like a 4 paws up slam dunk (there goes Mom with her basketball references again!)
  7. Petcurean’s Now Fresh for Large Breeds – Now we’re getting somewhere I can sink my canine’s into.  Touted as the only dry food to use fresh meat and oils, the kibble also excludes grains, growth hormones and preservatives.  Uh Mom?  I know we just switched to Natural Abundance, but, gosh, this sounds 4 paws up yummy.  They mentioned coconut oil Mom, you KNOW how much I LOVE coconut oil.  Just saying…

Another great new natural foods tasty Tuesday.