Pest Control

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Before I dictate the main post, I must share that I’m cautiously optimistic that the Booms have stopped. Last night I took Mom and JJ on an extra long tour of the neighborhood in reverse order and boy did it smell good. I earned my twistix treat for sure!

ignore the words, the picture says it all!

Ok, now, back to the subject at hand. Years before I joined the family, my human sister, Rachel, and some of her friends used the code words “PEST CONTROL” when they needed relief from annoying younger siblings. Mom and Rachel were doing this thing called reminiscing recently about those days. I listened quite acutely because… I’ve heard Mom say those words to Rachel when JJ will not let her work on the computer after toys, chewies, and attention fail. As soon as Mom utters the words, Rachel calls JJ and she happily joins Rachel until her teeny tiny attention span gets distracted again. Jet, although your description of JJ’s attention span accurately reflects her behavior, the way you said it, well, I think you can use kinder words. But, Mooommmm… Try, Jetty. Ok, how about, … until Rachel fails to keep JJ engaged in fetch, belly rubs, tug or cuddle,etc… Better AND more descriptive, good boy. Thanks Mom.

The thing about Pest Control, you use it after you’ve tried polite ideas or after you’ve given a reasonable amount of attention to the “Would be Pest.” I want to use code words, too, however, they do not translate into K9 very well; see the following situations:

  • I’m minding my own business, curled up somewhere comfy and JJ trots over, puts her muzzle under mine to get my attention. If I do not respond, she moves to a different location and keeps at it until I give in and play with the pooch.
  • I’m sniffing something during our walks, intent to break down the components and there she is, in my face, sniffing the same thing. Sometimes, she passes under my belly as if I’m a bridge to get to my exact spot. Really?
  • Mom’s trying to give me a belly rub and You Know Who starts the muzzle thing with Mom. Hey, it’s MY TURN.

See what I mean… someone, anyone… PEST CONTROL…

Another great and pest free day.