The Pull of (P) Email…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We promise to give credit to our blogpal who used the “P” word first; however, Mom cannot recall who it was right now.

This week, the (P)email pull drew me… and therefore JJ and Mom to alter our morning right, fetch Miss Mary Ann’s paper route.  As we rounded the corner passing Max’s house, I did the “I’m not budging stance.”  Sometimes, Mom can cajole (Vocab Builder Project) me by talking to me forehead to forehead.  Not this week.  At first Mom thought I instinctively knew she had less time and naturally wanted to extend our walking time.  NOT SO!

Out of curiosity and need to keep us moving, Mom crossed the street.  Sure enough, I went right to the traffic light pole and JJ joined me for a MAJOR sniff-fest.  Even better, JJ and I sniffed our way down three houses with three connected swales, with new palm trees; tall ones, petite ones, so many trees, so little time!  After house three, Mom insisted we cross to keep our routine of bringing Miss Mary Ann’s paper from her driveway to her door.  JJ and I crossed back to our usual route with no problem.  Mom fetched the paper, placed it on the light pole and off we went as we do each weekday.

As to the contents of the (p)email… well, I’m afraid the donor requires anonymity and privacy.  We will have to wait until the contents become “unclassified” to divulge, sorry.

Another great (p)email day!