The Boys are Back (in the Pack)

Now that Cody, our Snow Dog/Sun Dog   has returned to the Pack, the pendulum swings to the proper extreme, let’s hear it for testosterone!  Yup, the boys have regained the balance of power!  Here’s what I like about the little dude:

  • He’s was adopted like me.
  • He works that Napolean Complex thing.
  • I get a kick out of him trying to get all alpha male around me.
  • He’s got a manly man bark like me.
  • He keeps Freddy spunky.
  • His human grandpa, Richard, tells Mom he has good manners.
  • He makes Mom and I laugh when he tangles his leash with Freddy’s and makes Richard look like he’s playing Twister.

Hey, Cody, want to take a Scooby Doo Academy course with me?  How about Emptying Your Tank like a Real Man?

Another great day with the guys.