All Dressed Up and Too Scared to Go

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

New Year’s Eve…I hear that you humans get all gussied up and attend lots of parties. Well, I like to hang out with friends, too. My human sister, Rachel, offered to gussie J.J. and I up. See practice run to the left. Mom says that many humans drink a lot of this stuff called alcohol. I like to drink a lot of this stuff called H20 (nickname for water!) Oh, and you humans have a lot of traditions for when the clock turns 12:00 like, watching something fall (here in the tropics Mom says it’s an orange), kissing, eating certain foods, and making lots of noise.

Some people, (I bet they do not have a K9), do not realize how much the noise part scares many of us who wear fur. In our neighborhood, fireworks go off like crazy, scaring the bejeepers out of me. First my body goes into shiver/shake mode and then I try to dissolve into Mom’s computer tower unit. Considering the unit measures about two feet by six inches and you know what I look like, awkward doesn’t quite cover it. When I can’t melt into the tower, I place my body near some wall and stare at the ceiling praying the noise will stop. Mom says I Iook like I’m in a trance. Basically, I’m a 70 pound fluffy mess.

Mom tries to help me, since this happens with stormy weather and July 4th, too. What’s worse? The silly folks in my neighborhood use those yucky fireworks for a week before and about two weeks after the holiday, so, I stop emptying my tank when it’s dark and Mom has to retrain me. (Sorry Mom. Don’t worry Jetty, I wish I could find something to ease your distress.)

Mom’s list of items/techniques tried alone and in combination:

  • this is the style I have...

    Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

  • Homeopathic Thunder Storm Remedy
  • Thunder Shirt
  • Pheromones (with Thunder Shirt)
  • Making me a comfy, cozy, quiet Man Cave
  • Cotton in Ears
  • Giving me my favorite bone to chew
  • Classical music
  • Benadryl (Dr. Schaffer gave her proper dosage.)
  • Sitting with me for 5 hours in our her closet with the other fur siblings (she never wants to do this again, she said she was something called desperate.)

So, looks like I’m staying home, I think I’ll wear the bowtie, though. Happy, Healthy and Safe New Years to you all!

Another great and ready for 2012 day.