Mischief Monday – Buddy’s (Mis)Adventure Pt. II

Hey It’s Jet Here.

I promised those of you who commented last Monday a sequel.  Here it is:

So, you recall Buddy’s Saturday night mischief which Mom found on Sunday morning.

Well, when she went to tuck Buddy in around 10:00 p.m. ish Sunday night, he met her at the metal gate.  Mom had a moment of panic, wondering whether she properly shut the lanai screen door.  Yup, she did.  How did she conclude this?  Because the Budmeister ripped a square of screening beside the door and let himself out.  Mom figured she would take Buddy for a late night tank emptying, put him in the house and deal with the screening Monday.

Miss Cindy already knew about the first mischief and suggested that Mom pull the blinds to one side of the kitchen.  A perfectly logical suggestion.  Mom augmented (VBP – vocab builder project) the suggestion and used the trash can to block Buddy’s access even more.

Monday morning… Mischief Day itself… Mom entered the lanai, then Buddy’s house and found… (oh, I must preface (VBP) this by saying Mom did NOT take her phone, hence no pictures):

  • The kitchen floor totally strewn (VBP) with plastic bag shredded spaghetti strands.  Overnight, Buddy, knocked over the trash can, got the metal wire out of the lid, pulled out the huge role of plastic bags at the bottom and SHREDDED! (imagine shreds like in the picture all over the floor!)
  • The two small mats that Miss Cindy must use to stand on when cooking… shredded.
  • Mom could not find a broom or dustpan, so she sat on the floor and cleaned by hand.
  • Several more blinds chewed.
  • For some reason, Mom went into the adjacent (VBP – we’re on a roll today!) living room and the Budman pulled down and chewed the cloth levelors as well!


Mom worried that Buddy might rip down more screening and escape, so, she brought him home to Casa Jet.  Luckily, Mom had the day off from the biscuit earning place, so, she could monitor destructo-pup!  We got along famously… except… the little dude NEVER STOPS MOVING.

I resisted the evening constitutional (on account of unforeseen weather), so, Mom walked Buddy and JJ with Miss Mary Ann, Dixie, Neve and Miss Beverly.  Of course, she shared his mischief.  Mom left a preparatory text for Miss Cindy.  When Miss Cindy came over to fetch the little angel, he was FINALLY fast asleep … and… he SNORES!

Miss Cindy, wowee wow wow, she’s super laid back.  She apologized to Mom, who apologized to her… and all seemed ok.

Another MAJOR mischief day, a la Buddy the Beagle.

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Green Stripe, Blue Stripe

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Hmmm… our first post for the Mischief Monday Bloghop.  So many choices… so few Mondays!

Ok, to get started, let’s try a recent, little item.

JJ and I both enjoy relocating clothing items in hopes of providing creative fashion advice for Mom and our human sister, Rachel.   Since Rachel leaves more selections on the floor, we usually help her.

Mom likes to wear sneakers.  She tells everyone how uncomfortable her feet can feel.  A few years back, a nice human named Byron at The Runner’s High fit her feet properly in a shoe called “The Beast” from Brooks.  Brooks changed the name to something more lady-like, except now Mom cannot remember the name.

When she gets a new pair, she keeps the old pair to take us out for our walks.  Currently, the old pair has a blue stripe and the new pair has a green stripe, not that JJ and I can tell since we’re color-blind.  On Saturday, Mom went out to lunch with Auntie Liz.  When she returned home, and took off her sneakers, she realized SOMEONE had relocated the sneakers and she had worn one of each color!  One of each color had been lined up in the usual way in the usual location.

I cannot divulge who may have carried out this prank to protect the innocent.  (Hey, we know a lot of lawyers and Mom and Rachel watch lawyer and crime shows on TV with us on the couch!)

Don’t tell Mom – when she left for lunch, we had a good K9 laugh before our nap.

Another great and minor mischievous day.