The Lightening Did It

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom and I had a great post vibe going this morning at 5:20 a.m. Mom didn’t want to interrupt the writing rhythm by taking a second to save our document.  She heard the wind and saw the drops getting stronger in the ray of light from the Rabbi’s house shining on our patio.  We hoped to finish, post and get on with breakfast and constitutional.

JJ began shaking and sidled up on Mom’s left side, while I rested my chin on Mom’s right thigh.  (A great dictation spot by the way.)  Without the usual boom for warning, the lights flickered and the computer beeped and shut off.  Since losing electricity occurs frequently in the tropics, we waited for the moment to pass and sure enough, another beep and the fan cranked up.  Mom restarted the lights, and the computer, however, when she opened this thing called “WORD”, a blank white canvas stared back.

Lesson to humans like Mom, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE…

Thanks Jetty, you are absolutely correct.  I usually save right away, however, as you mentioned, I worried a bit about the weather.  We should mention that you both refused to leave the house for about an hour and a half, right!  Yes, Mom.

Lesson to K9s like you my boy… we try our best to do our best! 

Love ya Mom.  Love you too, Jetty.

Another great, save your stuff, day.