Mischief Monday – Magic or Mischief?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Oh Mom’s having hissy fits over this one.  Starting last Thursday, the garage door started to practice exercises – lift up, close down.  I know, you’re thinking ok, so what?  Well, see… the thing is… the garage door does its exercises independently, not on command!

Mom goes to work, closes the garage door and then gets calls from the neighbors that the door is open.  The first time, she thought she goofed.  Another time she thought Rachel goofed.  We do our final tank emptying for the night, come in, close the door and we wake up to it open.  This will not do!

We’ve called the garage door’s original owners (the company) to let them know the electrical brain has gone beserk.  This company always gives Mom difficulty, however, she cannot change due to this stuff called warranties.  (ugh.)

So, do you think the garage door is practicing magic or mischief?

Another great, however slightly unsettling, day.

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