Lincoln Logger

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Remember my Scooby Doo Academy Powers of Observation Case Study?  (If not, no problem, read this.)  Well, I have observational data to share with you today.   Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed that JJ is a Roller.  What do I mean?  Excellent question.

  • She rolls over at the first sign of attention for belly rubs.
  • She rolls over when playing with toys.  The funniest sight occurs when she plays with a toy in Mom’s bed and rolls right off!  She looks like a log rolling downstream or like one of those log rolling competitions where lumberjacks roll fallen logs back and forth with their feet.
  • She uses the “rollover” move when we wrestle and then springs back really fast.
  • Mom even tried the rollover command as she drew a circle in the air with her pointer finger.  For a first try, JJ rocked!  Neither Koko or I had/have this trick in our repertoire.
  • Oh, when she rolls with a toy in her mouth, you can play freeze tag with her and she will go stock still with the toy clutched in her mouth, four paws in the air, eyes closed, belly rubbed!
  • She can stop drop and roll like they teach humans for fire safety.

Jet, can I share something related with the humans?  Sure Mom.  Thanks Jetty.  For those of you who ever log rolled as a child, especially downhill, you may recall the fun of building up speed while trying to roll straight.  JJ loses her body sense, because her focus lasers in on her toys, it’s hysterical.

I asked Mom to help me research why JJ rolls so much.  She showed me pictures of a human child toy called Lincoln Logs, which she loved as a child.  She suggested I observe the shape of JJ’s torso (log-like).  She mentioned the possibility JJ received rollover training before we met her.  Hmmm… very interesting.  This girl is definitely the right choice for my project!

Another great and roly-poly kind of day.