Morning from the Tropics

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Well, Mr. Isaac took a slight jog to the west last night. Here at Casa Jet, we sit under a Hurricane Warning. Mom fed us and tried to coax (vocab building project VBP) me out of the garage… actually, she asked Rachel to help, since I follow Rachel more easily sometimes. They managed to get me to exit the garage immediate left, switched me to Mom and I emptied my tank. That was it, ol’ Jetty boy went right back into the house.

Mom took Little Miss Regularity for a short walk… yes, she did ALL of her business as usual. Mom said JJ spotted a soccer ball and thought she might like to have a few minutes of practice! JJ tried to bite the ball and then nosed it in proper Airbud style! Mom laughed and told J we would purchase a soccer ball for her soon.

We’re already getting bands of wind and downpours, nothing too scary yet. Mom helped Miss Mary Ann with her patio (that’s our patio in the picture) last night culminating (VBP) in the 3rd shower of the day! Oh, by 6:30 a.m. this morning, our county already had 4,500 people without power. Rachel, who pulled this thingie called an all-nighter (she discovered Little House on the Prairie on her computer and is marathoning as teenagers do…) said we lost power for a minute or two around 2 a.m. That might explain why JJ, Mom, Puffy and I woke up at 2:19 a.m. for a moment.

The National “H” Center says we should receive 65-75 mph winds and 4-10 inches of rain. Mom’s wondering how she will take us out for business over the next 24 hours… should be interesting.

My bestest feline friend, Savvy, and her Guardian, Miss Linda, sent us an email to see if we could guide Miss Jen, Rumpy’s human, since she just moved into “H” land. Once Mom got started, she really got going! (our comment is towards the bottom of their post.) We hope it helps. To all our anipals and their bipeds in the affected areas, we wish you safe passage through the storm. We will unplug our computer fairly soon, so, if we miss Mischief Monday, we’ll catch you as soon as they restore our power! (We are not being pessimistic, most of our readers know we lose power on a good day, let alone a storm day!)

Another great day for a visit to the Mancaves!


Wordless Wednesday – Coney Fashion

Hey It’s Jet Here.

The folks at Dr. Shaffer’s office didn’t think JJ would fuss with her stitches, so Mom and JJ did not leave with a new: satellite dish, cone of shame, conehead, Elizabethan Collar, lampshade etc…  Without getting too graphic, Mom noticed she did not fuss with her stitches, however did fuss with her private parts, which were irritated.  I, Nurse Jetty, tried to help out as well, adding to the fussing quotient (vocabulary builder).

Mom finally gave in and purchased the swanky collar you saw on Sunday.  What a disaster!  JJ’s head disappeared in it and when she lay down, she looked like a little clam in the big clam shell!  Mom thought perhaps we could switch.  I looked a little less pathetic.  She took both of us back to Petco on Monday night to return Little House on the Prairie collar.

JJ’s now sporting her Green Goddess collar and I’m back with my familiar manly man collar.

Another great, coney fashion, day.

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