Merry Christmas… Lights

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!  We could tell lots of people in our neighborhood were either tired from Noche Buena celebrations or busy finding lots of presents under their trees this morning because Mom, J.J. and I had our weekend route all to ourselves.  Not a creature was stirring, well maybe a mouse… then the flock of ibis flew overhead from the canal area, the geckos played amongst the hedges… oh, you get the idea!

Mom, J.J. and I have enjoyed the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  Mom likes the festive atmosphere and appreciates the lighted walkways at night.  Sorry for the blurry pictures of some lights in our neighborhood, J.J. kept Mom’s camera hand busy.  Jet?  Yes Mom.  Who kept my hands busy?  Uh, J.J. and me?  That’s better Jetty.  Ok, Mom.  Combined with my outstanding sense of smell, the lights make selecting the right empty the tank spots much easier.

J.J. had a noisy night, snoring like a bear and struggled once to catch her breath; that scared Mom and I.  Mom hid her medicine this morning in a wad of cream cheese, what about cream cheese for me Mom?  Jetty, thank goodness you are ok and besides, you licked my fingers.  Big deal.  Jet, holiday spirit, remember?… Oh, fine Mom.

Mom?  Yes Jet?  You asked me to remind you to build break time into your work schedule today for the return of … wait for it… THE NBA!  Thanks Jetty, you are the best!  Yes, we will make time to watch the Heat and Mavs today, let’s hope for a better outcome than last year’s finals.  Will you cuddle with me while we watch?  Maybe I’ll grill the veggies for dinner.  Whatever you want Mom, see … my holiday spirit at work.

Another great and festive holiday day.