Monday Mischief: Buddy’s Big (Mis)Adventure

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Boy did Mom get a surprise this morning when she went over to feed Buddy breakfast and take him for a walk.  You see, Saturday night, Buddy slept at his house with Mom following Miss Cindy’s instructions.

When Mom got to the kitchen, this is what she saw. Notice the bar at the top, you can see how many blinds went kaput!

She’s sparing us the floor scene, because she wanted to get the bits and pieces off the floor so Buddy wouldn’t chew anything else.  She decided to put the “evidence” in Miss Cindy’s bathroom, in case she and Mr. Pat need to see it for any reason.

JJ and I might have mentioned Mischief Monday the other night to the little Dude, but, gosh, we didn’t mean for him to go all Great White Buddy!

Another, uh oh Buddy day!

PS.  For those of you who asked who we’re working with from our Saturday post… let’s say one is my BFF and the other likes geography!  Can you guess?

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