We Almost Pulled An All-Nighter

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom said that teenagers, college students and graduate students sometimes do this thing called “pull an all-nighter.” They stay up all night to study, finish a paper, or have lots of fun. During her student days, Mom never pulled an all-nighter until law school when she met my human sister, Rachel’s, dad. During finals, Mom said he was like a bat, up at night, sleeping during the day. He convinced Mom to go “upside down” because studying in the wee hours on the night was quieter and more peaceful.

As you know from this week’s posts, Rachel and company morphed into Hunger Games Central. Yesterday, those crazed teens waited on line for the movie premiere from 3:30 p.m. to midnight! A few of the teens passed by our house at dinner time to scoop up all the week’s culinary products to bring to the group waiting on line. Jesse, Alexandra and Chris did give JJ and I a smattering of attention. I can’t imagine what could take their focus off our K9 fabulousness – movie, shmovie!

Mom went off to a meeting, came home, and joined JJ and I for a lovely evening constitutional. Jet? Yes Mom? I would describe the walk as you insisting on a specific route, retracing your steps for a whole block, and taking your sweet time even though you heard my robo-yawning. Oh, sorry Mom, I enjoyed the fresh air and your company, even though the hour was late. Well, Jetty, when you put it that way

For some reason, we felt antsy and couldn’t fall asleep until we knew Rachel returned home safe and sound, hopefully remembering to lock the front door and turn out the light. We watched tv, got brushed, barked at the outside sounds, got massaged, and chewed hooves and antlers.  The Hunger Games fanatic graced the threshold at 3:00 a.m., so we fell asleep at about 3:30 a.m. Our hunger game began at 6:30, about an hour later than usual. See, see! We almost pulled an all-nighter!!!

Another great, need a big time nap, day.

PS.  Mom will add pictures later…