I Can’t Believe I’m Writing This…

Yo, Puffy the Cat here.

When I gave my K9 brother a snapshot of what I had to say, he told me to go ahead and dictate to Mom by all means.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this publicly.  After all, you all know the story of how Jet and I met.  When Mom forced the new golden K9 on us in December, I gotta say, Jet stepped up to the plate.  Read this.

Well, seven long weeks have passed and that golden K9 still thinks Fluffy and I are TOYS.  EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT SHE:

  • Jumps up on our Mom’s bed and chases us off; leaving us precious little Mom time or soft napping spaces.
  • Jumps up on our the bathroom vanity disturbing our fresh water drinking.  No matter how many times I hiss and swat her, she comes back for more.
  •  Chases Fluffy and I throughout our the house until we reach the gate of protection at the entrance to the laundry room.
  • At breakfast and dinner time, she chases us into the laundry room and then jumps up on our the countertop watching our feeding process, pawing at our hind quarters.  This lasts for a few minutes until Mom pours the kibble into Jet and JJ’s bowls.  How humiliating!
  • If Fluffy or I try to take our proper positions of TEN years on top of the family room couch, she hops up and chases us off, how rude!
  • Fluffy and I enjoy afternoons in the sun lounging in our the office chair.  “You know who” sniffs us out and annoys us until we must exit or pull our fur out.

The ONLY and I do mean ONLY upside – my boy Jet continues to have our backs by diverting her attention:

  • Jet will start wrestling with JJ which takes her off countertops.
  • Howls and/or barks some sort of K9 warning to let us eat in peace.
  • Jet places his body broadside so SHE cannot jump up on the vanity and disturb out water imbibing.
  • At times, Jet will lie on the bed in a way that blocks us from JJ’s attempts to “play” with us.

Considering this Sunday (Superbowl)  is a day to hang with the guys, I thought I would send a shout out to my unlikely pal, Jet.

Another reasonably fine day, I guess.