Mischief Monday – Crazy Contraption

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Look at this contraption…

This thingie is vital for the transcriptionist (MOM!) to convey my:

  • Innermost thoughts,
  • Musings,
  • Comments to my blogpals,
  • Rapier wit,
  • Negotiations skills when required,
  • Expert detecting process and conclusions,
  • Comedic repartee,
  • Well wishes,
  • Condolences,
  • Daily adventures,
  • Family interactions,
  • Pack experiences etc…

For the last week or two, our keyboard has:

  • Frozen for seconds to minutes,
  • Typed gobbledygook when Mom swears she pressed certain letters,
  • Changed lower case to upper case and vice versa,
  • Required Mom to pound on each letter (not helpful for repetitive strain),
  • Required mom to switch programs, cut and paste or close down and reopen stuff to kickstart the thingie.

I watched Mom problem solve by:

  • changing the batteries,
  • cleaning the keyboard,
  • shaking the keyboard (when she felt like throwing it!),
  • and checking the tower all to no avail.

Since biscuit money is a bit scarce, she’s trying to make do.  She told me that commenting can take up to 5 minutes per post, her newsletter required about an extra hour (5-7 instead of 4-6), and let’s not begin to discuss her regular word processing or recipe inputting.

For all these reasons, I call MISCHIEF on the crazy contraption!

Another great except for the keyboard, day.

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