Tasty Tuesday – Posting Interuptus

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our ninth  participating post!

Last night as Mom and I began to construct our post, my human sister, Rachel, called Mom from the kitchen.  “Mom, come out here quickly!”  Of course, Mom thought something was wrong and catapulted out of her chair, down the hallway, quick left turn into the family room/kitchen area.

Instead of an emergency, we saw (JJ and I caught up really fast):

Fluffy, who Mom lifts to reach his food area in the laundry room, helping himself to Rachel’s cheesy buns on the “kitchen” (called kitchen even though the table technically resides in the family room) table!  Of course, this is ONE of the areas Mom FORBIDS the felines to go!  Mom motioned to Rachel to take a picture.  Rachel quietly told Mom to get her phone, which she did, and Rach took the pictures!

Since Fluffy has been infirm for quite a while, (he can’t jump much anymore), they let him enjoy his treat, realizing how much he must have been drawn to the Hunger Games Cookbook delicacy.  JJ and I love cheese and would have made our jealousy known, however, we all watched in happy amazement, wondering how Fluffy jumped onto the table. (probably used a chair as a midjump…)

Here’s the recipe for the Cheese buns in case you or your humans want to try it out.

Katniss’s Craved Cheese Buns  (Notice the Kat in the title, hmmm….)

Yields 1 dozen buns

  • 2 cups Bisquick
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • ¾ cup sharp Cheddar cheese, shredded
  • ½ cup (1 stick) butter
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ½ teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet.
  2. Mix Bisquick, 1/3 teaspoon garlic, sugar, milk, and cheese until well blended.
  3. Drop by spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet.
  4. Bake 8-10 minutes.
  5. In a microwave bowl, combine butter, ½ teaspoon garlic powder,Old Bay seasoning, and kosher salt. Heat in microwave for 30 seconds, until butter is melted.
  6. Generously brush tops of biscuits with butter mixture.

Another great, cheesy, day.


We Almost Pulled An All-Nighter

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom said that teenagers, college students and graduate students sometimes do this thing called “pull an all-nighter.” They stay up all night to study, finish a paper, or have lots of fun. During her student days, Mom never pulled an all-nighter until law school when she met my human sister, Rachel’s, dad. During finals, Mom said he was like a bat, up at night, sleeping during the day. He convinced Mom to go “upside down” because studying in the wee hours on the night was quieter and more peaceful.

As you know from this week’s posts, Rachel and company morphed into Hunger Games Central. Yesterday, those crazed teens waited on line for the movie premiere from 3:30 p.m. to midnight! A few of the teens passed by our house at dinner time to scoop up all the week’s culinary products to bring to the group waiting on line. Jesse, Alexandra and Chris did give JJ and I a smattering of attention. I can’t imagine what could take their focus off our K9 fabulousness – movie, shmovie!

Mom went off to a meeting, came home, and joined JJ and I for a lovely evening constitutional. Jet? Yes Mom? I would describe the walk as you insisting on a specific route, retracing your steps for a whole block, and taking your sweet time even though you heard my robo-yawning. Oh, sorry Mom, I enjoyed the fresh air and your company, even though the hour was late. Well, Jetty, when you put it that way

For some reason, we felt antsy and couldn’t fall asleep until we knew Rachel returned home safe and sound, hopefully remembering to lock the front door and turn out the light. We watched tv, got brushed, barked at the outside sounds, got massaged, and chewed hooves and antlers.  The Hunger Games fanatic graced the threshold at 3:00 a.m., so we fell asleep at about 3:30 a.m. Our hunger game began at 6:30, about an hour later than usual. See, see! We almost pulled an all-nighter!!!

Another great, need a big time nap, day.

PS.  Mom will add pictures later…

The Pesto Pasta By Far…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Ok, I’m starting to see why some Moms get the Super Mom title.  After work yesterday, Mom hit the grocery store to purchase last minute items for my human sister, Rachel’s, cooking endeavors.  Then she returned home and reviewed over 210 emails, deleting more than 132!  Since her sleep totaled 6 hours in two days, she tried to nap for about an hour and then zipped to an appointment.  As she was leaving, Rachel and three friends arrived to resume Hunger Games premiere cooking.

Mom returned to find, hmmm… let’s see how to put this gently – PANDAMONIUM IN THE KITCHEN AND DRAMA IN THE HOUSE.  You know teenagers and their love lives.  We K9s keep it simple, we sniff, we play, we mount – JET, yes Mom?  You know I do not approve of that last action.  I know your friend Sam taught you when he constantly did that to your sister, Koko.  Oh, ok, Mom.  Anyway, Mom noted silently the slow pace of progression through the “to do” list.  She felt another late night coming on.

JJ and I sat beneath her as she attempted to work on the computer, giving her moral support while the following noises traveled down the hallway:

  • SPLAT!
  • OH NO!
  • CLANK!

Finally, Mom jumped in to the rescue, when the group numbered two: Rachel and Jesse (from 10:30 – midnight).  She helped complete the quadrupled pesto and guided Jesse on combining and storing the sauce with the pasta in Ziplocs.  Jesse worked on the last bag while sitting on the floor and the BEST worst thing happened… the bag burped and sauce went all over the floor.

No worries Mom!  I leapt off the couch and JJ bounded out of bed to clean the floor in minutes.  We doubled our clean up efforts with quality control of course.  I then proceeded to help Mom with my expert dish licking abilities as Mom loaded the dishwasher for the 2nd time of the night.

We won’t get into the hot chocolate volcano… until… well, let’s see what tonight brings!

Another great and tasty day.

Wordless Wednesday – Me and Jesse Hang Out in the Kitchen

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Rachel’s friends have visited us a lot during the last week.  They’ve done this thing called taking over Mom’s kitchen to cook lots of recipes out of that Hunger Games cookbook I’ve told you about.  JJ and I enjoy the frenzied pace in the kitchen and appreciate all dropped ingredients.

My buddy, Jesse, and I shared some private communication about manly man topics during our 10:30 PM break… and then it was back to the chocolate cupcakes and cookies.

Can’t wait for tonight’s “to do” list: sauteed chicken, pesto pasta and frosting!

Another great kitchen day (and night!)

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