Cyber Huh?

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom told me today is this thing called CyberMonday.  Again, I ask you humans, what’s with naming the days?  Jet, today many websites offer special discounts to customers as a way to kick off their holiday shopping.  Your blog travels through Cyberspace, perhaps you might like to stay open minded about CyberMonday.  Mom, are we talking about presents again?  Jet… Yes Mom?

Oh Mom, you buy my chewy treats online, right?  Perhaps today would be a GREAT time to stock up.  Oh and Mom… you mentioned that sometimes you buy my LAMB food online.  Hey, I could really use a change from Koko’s salmon.  See this if you need a reminder.   Mom, Mom my harness, well, it rubs me a little in a few spots because I might have twisted it beyond repair… would today be the day to investigate that?

Boy Jetty, you have become a retailer’s dream dog.  On Saturday I found a link to a bunch of fun holiday items for furry family members like you.  Perhaps our readers would like to smile as much as your human sister, Rachel, and I did when we viewed the items.  Remember, Rachel’s birthday is on Thursday, one thing at a time!   Ok, Mom.

Your brothers would love this one!

Another great and hopeful day.

Small Biz Saturday? I’d like…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

What’s with naming days; Turkey Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday? Jet, the Thanksgiving long weekend kicks off the holiday season for gift buying.  Small Business Saturday asks citizens to support small businesses and American Express will credit a cardholder’s account with $25.00. I need some shampoo.  Uh Mom? Yes Jet? Pet’s Best is small, right?  Yes Jet, I believe they have a few stores in our area, however, they are not a chain.  Really Mom? In that case, I have some requests…

Ok Mom… I like:

  • Their leashes and collars.
  • Their Solid Gold Hunden Flocken, I’m kinda getting tired of Koko’s salmon variety, where’s the lamb?
  • Their recycled water bottle toys and other fun stuff that you could let me try.
  • Their dental treats like hooves, antlers, and bones.
  • Their yummy training treats and cookies.

Jet, you already have most of those items and your list surpasses the $25.00 required spending.

But Mom, you said holiday shopping began yesterday, I’m ready for presents!  We’ll see, we’ll see.

Another great and hopeful day.