Hey, It’s Jet Here. 

Generally, we place a high priority on punctuality.  Mom learned from her Dad to arrive fifteen minutes early not fifteen minutes late.  Arriving what’s called, “fashionably late” to a party is this thing called an “exception to the rule.”   When you live in Miami like we do, when attending an event, you must ask whether the start time is “Cuban time” (sometimes referred to as Latin time) or American time.  The interpretation of Cuban time: arrive anywhere from ½ hour to 2 hours late and think nothing about it.  This occurrence takes getting used to.  Mom’s had food get cold and wonder if her party flopped when all of a sudden the doorbell began to chime.  

As part of Scooby Doo Academy’s etiquette classes, I practice punctuality too.  A true gentleman never makes a lady wait.  I continue to wake Mom at LEAST fifteen minutes (usually more like 30-45 minutes) before our breakfast time.  We make sure that we build in extra time for traffic when visiting Dr. Schaffer.  We leave our house with plenty of minutes to spare when meeting our pack.  

Then why have we posted late two days in a row??? I’ll tell you why… THE MACHINE THAT I REST/SLEEP/DICTATE BESIDE.  I know you have read about Mom’s computer issues.  Well, her newsletter took 2 ½ hours longer than usual because of all that technical stuff.  Mom even left the room a few times.  (I think I saw smoke coming out of her ears!)  On top of the computer stuff, Mom has a REALLY long schedule on Tuesdays, so, if she can’t post before work, she can only post about this time of day, after she: walks us, gives us treats, cleans up cat v___t, feeds my human sister, etc…  

Can I tell you something funny?  In her newsletter today, she included a little prayer to vanquish these things called poltergeists/hobgoblins and other mean creatures from her machine.  For her sake, I hope it works.  Thanks Jetty, you have such a kind heart.  Aw, Mom. 

Another great day night.