Mischief Monday – The Sliding Scale

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, we left you with a question, boy did we pique (VBP – vocab builder project) your curiosity.

Every time I celebrate my Gotcha Day, I have to visit Dr. Schaffer.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the attention Miss Judy gives me in the waiting area, along with the vet techs.  Sometimes, other families inquire about my heritage and want to give me lovies, too.  The downside, I know those pokes and prods are going to happen.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  Atypically (VBP – vocab builder project), JJ joined Mom and I this go round because Little Miss Itchy Ears needed yet another double ear check.

After our initial greeting, form signing and such, Dr. Schaffer came out to say hello.  Of course, Little Miss Professional Paw Shaker gave her usual enthusiastic shake infinitum!  I offered my manly man to manly man hello.  And then Miss Judy requested the weight checks for our charts. Mom rounded me onto the scale first and after two attempts, that nasty piece of machinery finalized at 82 lbs of Jettiness.  JJ, clocked in at her usual svelte 56. whatever lbs.

Miss Judy pointed out that last year, I weighed 75!  Mom concurred, stating that my harness had become a bit snug.  Ladies!  Really? In front of Dr. Schaffer and the vet tech?  Have a heart, weight is a sensitive issue for K9s, too.  Mom looked at Dr. Schaffer and told him that I eat less than Little Miss Scale Show Off unless someone is doing something she is unaware of.  Dr. Schaffer said he would see how my exam went and discuss the issue more.

Here’s JJ pretending to be invisible so as not to have her ears checked!  Dr. Schaffer, nimble and kind, met her in her hiding spot and declared her ears “on the right track!”  Now she’s on maintenance, whoo hoo!

Mom peeked through the window and snapped some photos of Dr. Schaffer doing the unmentionables and paying close attention to my cool racing stripes on my front paws.  When we returned to Mom and JJ, Mom mentioned that my stripes appeared over the last year.

Well, turns out that the stripes contain my PUPPY FUR!  We learned that puppy fur (when you’re older) can be a sign of hypothyroidism.  Dr. Schaffer asked Mom if it seemed like I gained weight on air.  Mom replied yes.  Tick off another symptom box.  Dr. Schaffer said he would run a blood test (already extracted, thank heaven) and let Mom know.  He said hypothyroidism is fairly common in middle age K9s with retriever heritage.

Well, it turns out my case is mild and I can take medicine to help.  I knew that scale thingie played Mischief on ‘ol Jetty boy!

Another great, weights and measures day.

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Tasty Tuesday – Trends

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Sugar and Kol for initiating Tasty Tuesdays, today is our sixth participating post!

Scooby Doo Academy stresses research skills and healthy eating.  Today’s post combines both.  I, Jet, the Research Man, have sniffed out ten trends to look for in Pet Food:   

  1. Game Meats: Humans feel that K9s would benefit from eating a more ancestral diet, especially for K9s allergic to corn and wheat.  Game meats include bison, kangaroo, venison, quail, rabbit and ostrich.
  2. Medicinal Mushrooms (don’t go trippin’): They help with immune support, itchy rashes and may even help with cancer.
  3. Pork:  (duh!) – like the whole human thing about bacon everywhere, humans figured out we K9s like the stuff too!
  4. Chia Seeds –  Those tiny seeds help elimination, balance blood sugar, provide Omega 3s and anti-oxidants.
  5. Raw –  Again, like the human trend towards a raw diet, our raw food arrives dehydrated or freeze dried.  Some humans believe that raw diets rock because the aminos and enzymes have not been adulterated.
  6. Blueberries –  Can you say Vitamin C, fiber, anti-oxidant and free radical protection???  I say, MOM, flip some more my way!
  7. Garbanzos – a high fiber, clean protein source… uh… excuse me… what about flatulence??? (vocab builder and polite way of saying F*RT!)
  8. Glucosomine/Chondroitin – continues to help us with our joints, now derived from beef and SHARK! (Cue the music from JAWS!)
  9. Omega 3s – Not just from fish oil – coconut, chia and other sources join the ranks and helps with Osteoarthritis.
  10. Probiotics – Humans will now have options of treats, powder, pills or liquid to get this digestive helping stuff in us!  Mom, I vote for TREAT – did you see that picture for Peanut Butter Bacon Frozen Yogurt?

Another great trend predicting day!

Mom Did Apologize

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom advised me that during the next few days, her transcription time allotment for ol’ Jetty boy will shrink.  The reasons, well, I must say, they’re admirable.  As The Kitchen Counselor, Mom will teach a class to 30 people in the Cancer community tomorrow morning/afternoon.  Oh, our kitchen is aflutter in preparation.  Salmon, turkey, veggies, fruits, roasting nuts, and Japonica rice are a few of the items sending off aromas that can make a Kitchen K9 do the circular happy dance!

On Sunday, Mom will demonstrate Farmers Market goodies.  She’s not sharing those ideas yet, however I did overhear the mention of yummy cauliflower! On Tuesday, Mom will work with a diabetic support group as a member of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Family Health department team.  I heard rumblings of a Cinco de Mayo theme… muy bien!  (Oh, I never mentioned I’m a somewhat bilingual perro? (Spanish for dog!))

When I first met Mom, I did not respond to verbal commands well.  Mom then tried hand signals… better… then commands in Spanish and voila!  She laughed heartily I tell you!  She mostly speaks to me in English, however, my Auntie Angela, my Madrina (godmother in Spanish),  and Auntie Liz speak to me in Spanish sometimes.  And… as I’ve mentioned, my manly man friend, Giovanni, Neve’s dad, speaks to us in Italian!

Another great cultural day.

Mischief Monday – Mr. Ackerman’s Pants

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last Thursday, one Mr. R. Ackerman, visited Mom at the house.  He came to offer Mom this stuff called health insurance.  Way before they met, Mom asked his helper several times over the phone, “Are dogs and cats ok?”  Mom’s a polite person if I do say so myself.  Repeatedly, said helper responded, “Yes.”

Mr. A entered the house with dressy pants and a proper thing called a business shirt.  He and Mom spoke about stuff I had no interest in.  What did interest JJ and I; making friends with said new person.  JJ did her “how do you do” paw thing multiple times along with her happy wag. I sat like the gentleman I am.  I alternated sitting with standing and generously wagging my fluffy tail to let him know man-to-man I welcomed him into our home.  He responded a little cautiously, a little uncomfortably, like we should know our places.  We do, it’s our house!  We all noticed he kept checking his fancy pants.

On the way out, Mom offered him a lint roller if he felt he needed one.  He declined and said the next time, he would wear jeans!  Really? We did not share our fur with him at all.  I’ll show you fur mischief a la Puffy.

Puffy, making a little mischief in front of Mom’s monitor.  I wanted to make sure you saw his fur.

Office chair after a visit from the Puffster…

Revenge on suitcase when he got stuck in the closet by mistake…

Another great and furry day.

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