Mimi’s Got Bling

Hey It’s Jet Here.

We LOVE company and today ranks as one of the best days in the company department.  First, my human sister, Rachel, had a super duper friend sleep over.  Mechelle played with us, gave us belly rubs and best of all… loves to cook and shared tidbits with us!

Grandpa and Neha came in to meet JJ when they dropped off Rachel from brunch.  Of course, little Miss Princess, charmed the pants off Grandpa and extracted repeated belly rubs from both of them.  He told us JJ looks a lot like Koko.

Ruby, our young neighbor, spent the afternoon with us and shared “by mistake” some of the baked goodies she made with Rachel and Mechelle.

Mechelle and Rachel joined Mom on our evening constitutional.  We met our new neighbors’ Mom and K9, Mimi along with her human brothers, whom we already knew.  Mimi is even smaller than Dixie!  At first, she barked at us, however, we got to know each other as the humans chatted.  Rachel noticed Mimi’s beautiful collar… because… well… Rachel knows BLING!

Miss Maya shared that she saved this beautiful human bracelet her prior K9 wore after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  When Mimi joined the family for Christmas, she carried on the tradition of wearing the beautiful bling collar.  We’re quite excited for Mimi to join our pack walks.

Mom’s friend, Eddie, turned the corner with his two new K-9s, Charlie and Lambchop.  His K-9, Yippee, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge recently, like Koko.  The humans exchanged greetings while the K9s met each other in our fashion.

Neve’s humans, then turned onto the street, returning home after dinner.  They stopped and got out to meet all the new K9s and chat with the humans.  It was a regular street party!  We made it two houses before running into Miss Cindy and Buddy the Beagle.  We get along really well with Buddy, he’s a laid back guy.  We wish we could visit him more; however, our humans’ schedules don’t match very often.

Neve came out with Miss Beverly and Mr. Giovanni as we approached our house.  We exchanged quick greetings and then went in for our after dinner Twistix!

Another great social butterfly day.


What About Me?

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I’m a little sad this morning.  Here’s why.  You know that we, of the K-9 persuasion have really good hearing.  So, last night, Mom spoke with my Auntie Liz for a long time.  Sometimes, Mom uses this Do-hickie thing on her head so she can talk and have her hands free to do stuff like: feed me, pet me, brush me, walk me … oh and wash the dishes, cook, or work on the computer.  Other times, I hear voices in the room when I only see Mom because she uses this button called speaker.

Anyway, Mom went on and on with Auntie Liz about this stuff called Art Basel, Art Miami, Pulse, Scope, Art this, Art that, etc.

She said that Grandpa generously gave her something called VIP passes because he’s unexpectedly traveling to someplace far away called China.  I could tell from her voice that she has happy feelings about this stuff.  For five days, really soon, looks like Mom will virtually disappear from our house.  She blocked off all kinds of time in something called a calendar to go all over Miami to see art.

Now, I totally understand when Mom leaves me to: earn biscuit money, buy stuff to make our house comfortable, buy food which she shares with me or to take my human sister places.  But, this doesn’t sound good… I heard Auntie Liz ask, “Can Jet have a few sleepovers at someone’s house?”  Mom had the good sense to say, NO, however, she did say she would have to figure out how to cover her time away.  Away?  Hey Mom, I like art, I’m a connoisseur of the finer things.  Don’t I like gourmet food – YES!  Don’t I like beautiful scents like fine shampoo – YES!  Don’t I enjoy mingling with people – YES!  What about me, Mom… WHAT ABOUT ME???

Jetty, Jetty, Jetty, I’m sorry you feel left out.  Unfortunately, the people in charge of Art Basel and the other art events did not have the foresight to permit K-9s to attend.  I promise you will remain on your schedule, have lots of attention from people you love, including me in the morning and at night.  You know how you like to go on car trips to the park?  Well, I like to visit with friends and participate in fun things, too.  Sharing time with friends and having fun enriches our lives which I know I want for you and I know you want for me.  Well, since you put it that way, Mom, I guess I understand.  I’ll even wag my tail a lot when you come home.

Another great and understanding day.