Mom Got Mushy, Ok, I Got Mushy

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

To maintain my Manly Man reputation, I will lead you to believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day, well, it’s mushy.  The whole kiss thing, lovey dovey stuff seems artificially elevated for one day in February.

However, if you read between the fur, you will learn the truth; I love when Mom gives me lovies.  Before GRSF rescued me, I … too painful to write about… let’s say I did not receive lovies.  Here are the lovely things Mom does with me:

  • She stops everything when I nuzzle her a certain way and gives me a short massage and tells me how much she loves me in a soft voice.
  • She understands when I’m too scared to leave the house.
  • She will take me out at whatever time my courage returns to keep me comfortable.
  • She permits me to cuddle up on our her bed.
  • She calls me all sorts of special names.
  • She makes sure I receive yummy, healthy kibble, delicious dental treats and tidbits when she cooks.
  • She pampers me during spa day with special treats and manly man smelling shampoo.
  • She opens the windows for me when we ride in the car, even if she would prefer the a/c.
  • She brought JJ into the house so I did not stay an only dog after Koko passed.
  • She generously transcribes my thoughts for my blog posts.
  • She brings us to places where we can run leash free and have play dates.

For all these reasons and more, I love you Mom.

Jetty? Yes Mom.  May I write a bit?  Sure, go ahead.

Your list brought tears to my eyes.  You and I truly bonded after about 10 months.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life.  You possess equal parts humor, sweetness, kindness, and energy.  My list would occupy pages and pages; I’ll continue to tell you and show you how full my heart feels every day.  Happy Valentines Day my boy, I love you, too! 

Another great and mushy day.


Showing You Know Who the Ropes

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Who knew my Scooby Doo Academy mentoring class would engulf my life?  When You Know Who (renaming almost finished) joined our family last week thanks to Golden Rescue South Florida, Mom emailed the Academy and enrolled me in Mentoring 101.  My Nana taught Kindergarten for 27 years, Mom educates people as the Kitchen Counselor and now I’m a MENTOR.

My teacher says to share a personal anecdote to establish a bond with your student.  I told You Know Who (renaming almost finished) about my first three weeks in the family.  The first week I ate the arm off the couch, the second week I ate a basket and the third week I ate a bag of treats and THE BAG.  You could see her relate.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • We sit by the door after our walk so Mom can remove our leashes.
  • Mom and my human sister, Rachel, have a particular hand signal for sit.
  • We wait forever (Jet, I count to 10 in my head) to cross big streets.  Mom takes a loud breath and a strong first step when we can move forward.
  • We wait for Mom to finish breakfast or dinner before we signal we need to go outside, most of the time.
  • We sit to receive tidbits of veggies.  (You Know Who isn’t really food driven, most puzzling.)
  • We receive yummy treats (dental treats my boy!) after our long night walk if we’ve done all our business.
  • We wait while I Mom delivers Mary Ann’s paper to her porch.
  • We do not pull while Mom scoops the poop.
  • We like when Mom brushes and massages us.

This girl has SO much energy, Mom says (grown up humans, do not read this next part to young ones.) it looks like I’m on Valium.  I remember not feeling safe or fully settled for a long time, too.  I think that’s why I chewed, panted, and drank like a fish, just like she does.

Don’t worry, You Know Who (renaming almost finished), I, Mentor Jet will stay with you through the whole process, you are not alone.

Another great and educational day.

Introducing… SKYLAR! Part 1

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

As you know, Mom and I started my blog as a way to lift our spirits after my sister, Koko, passed two months ago.  Having never been an only dog, the bond I already forged with Mom deepened over the past months, too.  Believe it or not, the felines and I took our relationships to a calmer place, too, guess grief can do that to you.

We never made a plan, we thought if Koko meant for us to bring another K9 into our family, we would know.  You know Mom regularly visits Golden Rescue South Florida’s website and facebook page.  (That’s how she found me when she wasn’t looking for another K9.) Well, we almost adopted a few weeks ago, however, the stars did not align.

Lisa, my special GRSF friend, sent Mom a picture on Wednesday, Mom sent it to Rachel and didn’t say more.  Mom picked up “Lady” for a sleepover Wednesday night.

She surprised me, Puffy and Fluffy with a wagging, in motion girl.  Of course, I jumped in the car and she KISSED me on the face! Huh?  We hung out in the backseat for a long time until Mom forced encouraged us to exit. That girl can sure pace.  We tried to sleep that night, although with the exception of 2 hours, we did not succeed.  “Lady” brought the following into our Mom’s bed: 1 antler, 2 bones, 1 hoof, many, many toys, 2 unraveled balls of yarn, 3 partially devoured rolls of toilet paper, and 1 sock.  Hmpf… looks like this girl needs remedial Scooby Doo Academy classes!

Rachel did not know about any of this.  Mom surprised her after school on Thursday. (details tomorrow). Mom did not want to name “Lady” without Rach.  We surprised Mary Ann and Dixie Thursday night and began testing names.  Oh, Rach and Mary Ann went crazy: Sugar, Lola, Blaze (Mom liked that one), and all these other Southern names.  When we returned home, Mary Ann texted Sienna; and we decided that fit.

Mom and Rachel took “Sienna” to Dr. Shaffer’s  yesterday for the once over.  On the drive over, about 25-30 min., Mom looked at Rachel and said, “How about Skylar?”  Rachel smiled, said she liked it and my new sister had her name!  Here’s Skylar’s introduction to Dr. Shaffer.

Another great and welcome to the family day.

Black Friday, I Can Woof With That

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Did you have a fun Thanksgiving?  I watched my human sister bake A LOT… Did she share with me?  NO!  She said stuff like, Jetty, you can’t have this thing called chocolate.  Excuses, excuses…  Oh, and while I’m at it, Mom watched the National Dog Show.  The golden made it into the final sporting group selection, but, not the top 4.  Hmph.  The flat coat retriever and the border collie didn’t even make it into their groups’ final choices.  Double hmph. Jet, let’s remember good sportsmanship.  Yes, Mom.

Anyway, I digress.  So, Mom told me that today is this thing called Black Friday.  How nice of the world to commemorate the fetching color of my fur!  Not all black dogs have luck like me.  Have you ever heard of Black Dog Syndrome?   “Well known to shelter workers and rescue organizations across the nation, black dogs are much more difficult to find homes for. They are the last dogs to find homes and often among the first to be euthanized.”

The following thoughts contribute to BDS:

  • Some people have the crazy idea that us black pearls bring bad luck like that whole silly black cat thing.
  • We may not photograph as well as other fur colors making us less eye catching on websites. Second Chance Photos can teach you how to make us look our best.
  • Now I like movies like the next K9 (Marley and Me? Inspired!), however, that Hollywood place often selects black dogs for scary movies.
  • Our most beautiful selves do not shine in shelter cages.

I’m super lucky, Golden Retriever Rescue South Florida loved my face (what can I say?) and broke me out of the shelter with four days to spare.  They help flat coat retrievers now-a-days, too.  (thank you, thank you, thank you.)

So, when you shop ‘til you drop today and if you’re thinking of adding a furry member to your family this holiday season, remember – Black is beautiful.

Another great black pearl day.