Mom and JJ Finish Mom’s Book

Remember a few weeks ago when Mom began reading her Hannukah present from Auntie Liz?

Well, yesterday, after Mom took me to the Farmers Market, gave JJ and I spa day, and had some visits with friends, Mom took a few moments to finish her book.  JJ finished Mom’s book too!  Both gave excellent reviews!

Little Miss Reader…

Another great literary day.

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Eat Mom’s Books

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

A while back, Mom came across a wonderful website for her Kitchen Counselor newsletter, Servings, as well as her personal cookbook collection called Eat Your Books.  The premise:

  • You input the names of cookbooks, magazines and blogs that you follow,
  • When you want a recipe, you can search all of your personal sources in seconds,
  • If you want, you can then grab the source in your own home!

Mom reads A LOT.  She describes her speed as that of a turtle, however, she happily travels down the pages one by one, whether the page belongs to a book, magazine or a computer screen.  She always has reading material in bed, using anything from a strand of yarn to a magnet, to a laminated style bookmark.  Over the years, I may have, on occasion, batted a book with my paw, or swished one with my tail sending them flying to the floor.  One of my more mischievous moves would cause the book to fall behind the bed.

Mom recently finished two books by this guy, Clive Cussler.  She loves his books when she needs a fast read.  Since she follows several of his series, they feel like old friends.  Auntie Liz gave her a book by Geraldine Brooks called People of the Book for Hannukah.  Mom began reading it last Sunday night.

Day one: Mom’s yarn bookmark went missing.  JJ and I blamed the felines.  Day two: Mom replaced it with a bigger, sturdier bookmark.  Day three: Mom went to read a few more pages before bed and this is what she found.

Now, I’ve already confessed my literary adventures, so I’m not throwing anyone under the food bowl, but…. It wasn’t ME.  I would suggest it might have been a reddish/golden K9 of the female persuasion.  Mom’s a trooper, she’s gently continues turning the pages.

Another great, literary day.

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