Uh Mom… I Need a Flat Screen with a Remote Please

Hey it’s Jet Here.

DOGTV… you read correctly, DOGTV, the newest channel to hit cable.  Mom says they’re testing programming right now in this far away place called San Diego.  Imagine, eight hours of daily programming where the sounds, color and pace reflect our K9 sensitivities.

  •  Red and green – OUT, blue and yellow – IN.
  • No  ambulances, high pitches or blaring sounds, no sir-ee Bob!
  • Waves of calming shows for our researched resting times.
  • Activities like surfing, running and fetching to stimulate us during our busy hours.

And don’t make fun of the slug moving across the screen, you skeptics out there.  These DOGTV humans studied our brains, behavior and all that kind of stuff.  They filmed on our level, down loowww to the ground.  Back in those analog, dinosaur tv days (sorry Mom), we did not reap many benefits.  Now we can physically take advantage of huge screens, digital, high def and better sound.

Start saving your $4.99/month Mom, DogTV is crossing the country.  And… you know what’s next… yup! CatTV!

I know, this product works best with only dogs, but, Mom, come on… I’m a manly man and we need our REMOTE/TV combo.  Love ya Mom!

Another great TV day.

Thanks to Confessions of the PlumeLife With Dogs and Two Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.