Jumpin’ JJ

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Sorry again for the late post, Mom had a busy day at the Farmer’s Market.

This morning, during our constitutional, Mom told JJ and I about how this week, jelly beans hold a prominent spot for humans.  She explained the colors, flavors, and sizes making JJ and I do this thingie called salivate. (Vocabulary builder…)  That got Mom thinking about Mexican Jumping Beans.

Mom never really knew what a Mexican Jumping Bean was, grownups used the term when kids had lots of energy and bounced around a lot.  Mom’s mind then segued to March Madness. She watched a portion of the Kentucky/Louisville game yesterday on a break.  You know I think I must face the fact I’m becoming a basketball fan by default.  The players sure can jump.  Mom explained they jump to shoot the ball for points as well as jump to fetch the ball, which they call rebounding.

Mom’s mind jumped next to JJ and me during the last few days.  She told us that we were acting like jumping beans, especially JJ, who she said could probably help rebound basketballs, too!  Mom said this music group called the Rolling Stones sang a song called Jumpin’ Jack Flash.  That’s when it hit her… Jumpin’ JJ!

Another great jumpin’ day!