The Antarctica Shiver Diet

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Since JJ joined her/our forever home in December, we’ve wondered how she kept her svelte shape.  Theories circulated the neighborhood:

  • She never stops moving, particularly when she first arrived.  She seemed like the poster K9 for First Lady Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign!
  • Mom watched how she digested her new kibble and slowly integrated tidbits of veggies and fruit.  (We are her Kitchen K9s after all!)
  • Some thought I, Jet, the Gentleman, purloined (vocabulary builder) her food and dental treats when Mom could not see. (The nerve!  In truth, the opposite is true, ok, not really, we’re even Steven, Mom insists upon fairness!)
  •  JJ maintains a spectacularly regular elimination regimen.  Fiber?  Not for this girl!
  • Maybe her appetite did not fit the typical Golden (I love EVERYTHING) or K9 (we sniff, we taste, we inhale!) patterns.

The secret escaped this weekend.  JJ participates in the Antarctica Shiver Diet.  Never hear of it?  The basics go like this:

  • Watch for dark clouds.
  • When you hear booms or streaky lights, she begins to shiver like a scientist in Antarctica.
  • Add pacing for the duration of inclement weather, including rain minus the booms and streaky lights.

If she wore a shiver-ometer, which measures energy burned from severe shivering, her calorie count would go negative.

Now, I’m not one to judge, because you know how I feel and behave with booms and streaky lights.  I wanted to share the situation in case you had an interest in following this diet regimen.  Mom would like you to know that she’s open to shiver protection suggestions.

Another great except for the shivers, day.

P.S. Mom hopes tonight’s weather will ease, since the nighttime pacing includes pacing on Mom’s bed, whether Mom’s in it or not!

Pet Hair – Let’s Discuss…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Sorry for the late post, Mom had this yucky thing called a wicked headache.  She’s not used to such a happening and she tried to make her head and tummy feel better by acting like JJ and I.  She slept, drank lots of water, slept, sneezed, and petted us.  She couldn’t even read, watch tv, or look at the computer without feeling bad.  JJ and I took turns curling up with her in bed.  Even Puffy put Mom’s feelings ahead of his own and allowed Mom to pet him with JJ on the bed at the same time.  Fluffy, ever the chatterbox, acted like a hot water bottle on Mom’s tummy on and off.

Anyway, Mom said she feels well enough to take my dictation now.

Yesterday’s post made a big impact.  We received lots of comments defending pet hair.  I thought I would enumerate (vocabulary builder) some obvious and some lesser known positive aspects of that which sprouts so fluffily from my skin:

  • Source of protein, we can’t help if a stray strand gets into your cooking.
  • Canine Cashmere?  You betcha.  Here’s a link to a video from a website who weaves our fur into fiber!
  • A natural way to help clean oil spills.
  • Shed hair deters skunks, rats, rabbits, deer, and raccoons from your garden.
  • Birds use it to help construct their nests.
  • Can be composted, providing protein and calcium to your soil composition.

The bottom line for Mr. Fancypants and those of a similar nature… relax, breathe, lighten up… life is short, what’s the worst that can happen?  You need a lint brush!

Another great fluffy day.