Good Luck Pup

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom attended a surprise party for one of her employers last night.  I found out that the employer’s yard spanned about 2 ½ times the yardage of my yard, plus it had a fence.  JJ and I would endlessly frolick in that type of yard, playing chase, digging to China, and taking a dip in the pool before rinsing off in the cabana shower!  Jet?  Yes Mom?  Oh, I digressed again?  Yes, Jetty, you did.  Whoops, ok, Mom, back to the story.

Anyway, the party had lots of activities including playing blackjack and poker for a gift card.  Mom’s employer LOVES to play poker with his friends.  Mom peaked in to watch; she finds gaming fascinating to observe.  Instead of watching the thirty or so humans in the room, this is what caught her attention.

Maddie, named after actress Madeline Kahn, in the midst of all the noise and commotion, slept as happy as a clam.  Mom thinks Maddie gave the eventual winner (the human sitting in front of her hind quarters extra good luck!

Another great and lucky day.

P.S.  Mom’s employer names all of his dogs after female movie stars, i.e. Gracie (Grace Allen, wife of George Burns),Doris (after Doris Day), you get the picture!