Wordless Thursday!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Because of the holiday yesterday, Mom did not use any technology, so, she is behind again.  Here’s what we would have posted for our usual WW!

Meet Gatsby, and just like the book, he is certainly Great!  He’s the newest K9 family member at Mom’s office.

So now the office employees share their forever homes with:

  • Joel & Susan: Maddy, Gracie
  • Andy: Austin
  • Jennifer: Maddy, Sonoma (feline)
  • Mary: Jojo (duck), Pookie (bird)
  • Stephanie: Gatsby
  • Paola: Kuma
  • Mom: JJ, Puffy and yours truly!

Another great office/forever home day!


Wordless Wednesday – In Honor of My Boys

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Lately, JJ (she starts it) and I have given Puffy a rough time. He’s always called “under Mom’s bed” his “man cave” or safe spot. Well, with Little Miss “I’m So Slender, I Can Fit Under Mom’s Bed, Too” camping out under there, Puff’s suffered some added feline anxiety. He’s also come out of his “man cave” more lately to hang with Mom on top of the bed and even attempts to remain when JJ hops up. Gotta give him props for that!

Fluffy, still chatting away, has deteriorated for awhile now. He’s a sweet guy, nothing more to add.

So, in honor of my boys (who many fondly call Pluffy), with thanks mostly to Auntie Liz (she sent many of these pics), I present Adorable Felines:

Another great, I love my boys, day.

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Wordless Wednesday: Devil Kitty Revealed

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Words of explanation –

Miss Mary Ann introduced her long time family friend, Miss Brenda, to Mom a few years ago.  Miss Brenda takes care of Dixie when Miss Mary Ann and her dad, Mr. Jim, go on holiday.  JJ and I get to hang out with Miss Brenda on walks during those times, so we know her, too.  Miss Brenda shares her home with a beautiful tortoise colored feline named Bandit.  (Beautiful according to Mom, I’m not an honest judge of felines.)

When Miss Brenda goes on holiday to visit her son and his children, Bandit moves in with Miss Mary Ann.  Miss Mary Ann is not particularly a “cat person.”  She admires felines from afar.  Bandit and Miss Mary Ann have always had a “let’s do this for Miss Brenda” attitude.  However, after years of hisses and non-bonding moments, Miss Mary Ann dubbed Bandit, “Devil Kitty” or DK for short.

This week, Miss Brenda spent time visiting her son and grandchildren.  To prove Bandit’s two personalities, Miss Mary Ann sent the following pictures to Miss Brenda:

Before –

After –

You decide!

Another great finicky feline day.

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Wordless Wednesday: JJ’s New Princess Pillow

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last week, Miss Mary Ann kindly shared an oh-so-gently-tried bed/pillow that Miss Dixie did not resonate with.  As mentioned a few weeks back, JJ needed a day bed of her own, since she’s been cozying up in mine lately, so the timing was perfect.  Since Miss Mary Ann calls JJ Princess Jasmine, we thought calling the new bed (conveniently placed by Mom’s office chair) the Princess Pillow.  Until… 

Princess Pillow, Shmrincess Pillow… Puff for Puff has a better ring to it!  Oh and by the way… you’re blocking my royal sunlight!

Another great, who’s sitting on my pillow? day.

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Mischief Monday – DISGUSTING! Who Did It?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Remember yesterday, Mom took JJ and me for a walk with Miss Marcia at the golf course?  We had two great car rides, two great walks before 9:30 a.m., (We had our usual constitutional @ 6:30.) and returned home ready to slurp ourselves silly from the water dish. (it’s the middle one… JJ’s food dish is on the left and mine is on the right.)

Just as I went to plunge my face into the bowl, Mom SNATCHED it and said NO, JET!  She quickly washed the bowl at the sink, refilled with cool water and replaced it before we could get huffy.  What happened Mom?

Well, Jet, this has NEVER happened before.  I saw the water and the color looked a tad yellow.  I put 2 and 2 together and realized one of your feline brothers expressed himself and let me know the litter box did not meet with his sanitary approval.  I can honestly say I do not know who the culprit was.

EWWWW, GROSS! I totally agree Jetty. You saw that as soon as I replenished your water bowl, I swiftly cleaned out the litter box (AGAIN) so there would be no further complaints. 

Mom? Yes, Jetty? I want an investigation of this matter.  I want to sue.  Maybe I should empty my tank in their box!  Jetty?  Yes Mom… Uh, let’s not go there… you know that you have done a few disgusting things with the deposits in their box.  Oh, yeah… uh… never mind.  Good job taking care of the situation Mom.  Thanks my boy.

Another great, clean water day.

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