Hey, It’s Jet Here.

While aggregating (vocabulary expansion) articles for her Kitchen Counselor newsletter, Mom learned about this thing called farmcations (farm + vacation).  Humans can choose to visit for a day or stay for a while on different types of farms.  They can help the human farmer work their land, help with the animals, or just take in the atmosphere.  After Mom described her visit to Ish’s In The Genes Farm two days ago, this K9 wants in!

Ish used to work for Dr. Schaffer, Koko loved him.  Ish left Dr. Schaffer’s office to pursue a degree in Animal Sciences at this place called University of Florida in Gainesville.  Plus, he became a dog trainer.  (In my view, he visits us K9s while really training the humans!)  Now he lives with his human family, five K9s, chickens and goats.

I heard Mom tell Auntie Liz that two of Ish’s K9s are distant relatives of mine, called Anatolian Shepherds.  They help protect the animals from these nasty things called predators like: raccoons, opossums, and HAWKS!  One Anatolian weighs 178 lbs, that’s one mighty K9!  Mom took a few pictures of the shepherds at work… and at rest.

Mom?  Yes Jetty.  Can I visit Ish?  Can I? Can I?  I can exercise those things called instinctive talents Mom, Can I?  I’m part herder Mom, I’m part bird dog, Mom.  (ooh, guess I shouldn’t mention that part, huh?)  Jetty, I can totally understand the appeal, plus, Ish has delicious bananas from his banana trees and the most beautifully colored eggs which you would love.  In fact, I brought some eggs home for us.  Hmmm… we’ll see, Jetty, we’ll see.  Thanks Mom.

Another great day in the burbs and on the farm.