Fluff’s Alright

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I thought you should meet my other feline brother, Fluffy.  Unlike Puffy, read this, Fluff’s a laid back kind of guy.  My only beef with him involves his incessant talking to Mom.  When she’s not around, he unobtrusively sleeps in the office chair, on top of the sofa, on top of the counters (shhh, don’t tell Mom, the kitchen counters and table are the ONLY places she forbids the cats to go.), on any bed, rug, or floor surface.

When we met, we had a simpatico vibe going, maybe because we share the same fur colors.  Fluff doesn’t scamper off, hiss like a viper or try to swipe me like another feline I know, when I enter his “personal space” which for another feline I know encompasses most of OUR house.  Jet that was quite a mouthful!  Mooommm, I’m expressing my feelings just like you tell us to.

I permit Fluff to share some of my favorite hangouts, too, like:

  • Under Mom’s desk – When Mom’s there, I reclaim my spot. Fluff prefers to lay right in front of Mom’s computer screen and chat with her about her activities.  He comments and often suggests different keyboard strokes to improve her efforts.
  • My parts of Mom’s bed – When Mom’s there, Fluff prefers to read Mom’s books upside down or keep her book open by laying in front of the bottom third of both pages.
  • My favorite spots in Mom’s bathroom – When Mom’s there, Fluff requests that she turn on her faucet to deliver a gentle water stream.  Fluffy and Puffy insist upon drinking fresh running water.  Divas! JET… Sorry, Mom.

You know Fluff’s a good guy when he let’s my human sister do this:

Another great day with my bro.


Happy Pumpkin Zucchini Bread Day!

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Earlier this week, Mary Ann and Dixie delivered two plastic bags with deliciousness inside.  Mom made me wait one WHOLE DAY; 24 HOURS to devour eat some.  Jet, I had to wait until I figured out how to capture your enjoyment in pictures.  Sure Mom, if you say so.  To make matters worse, the three mini loaves of my FAVORITE pumpkin zucchini bread and two mini loaves of banana bread (new to me) went from Mary Ann’s hands to Mom’s to… the fridge.  Give a guy a chance!

My human sister, Rachel, helped Mom take my culinary experience to the next level.  I’ll show you in pictures… (the white stuff is Greek Yogurt.)

Then, Rachel told Mom to get ready with the camera …


Did I miss any crumbs?

On this Thanksgiving Day, aside from the usual mushy stuff like:

  • I’m thankful for my family.
  • I’m thankful for having a great pack, etc…

I’m thankful for Mary Ann and Dixie sharing their scrumptious pumpkin zucchini bread with me and hope Mom shares some banana bread with me today.  Jet, forgetting something?  Oh, yeah … and for being my BFFs.  That’s better.  Ok, Mom.

Another great and thankful day.

You Can Call Me Jet, You Can Call Me Jetty, You Can Call Me…

You know you have arrived when you get a nickname.  Mom called my sister, Koko, many names, like: Koko Puff, Koko Loco, Koko-la, Jelly Belly Girl, Sweetness, Honey Girl, and on and on and on and on…

About two, three years ago, during one of my first few playdates with Samson, the Golden Doodle, his Mom, Denise, looked at me and said, “Jetty, get out of the bushes.”  I wasn’t sure how I felt when I heard Denise sayJetty.  However, Jet likes Denise and each time she called him Jetty, he would saunter over and nuzzle her.  During one of our walks with Mary Ann and Dixie, Mary Ann called me Mr. Handsome.  Ooh I liked that.  Then the floodgates opened.

Mom began to experiment.  She started out slow, she called me Jetty Boy.  If I demonstrated my Scooby Doo detecting skills after a rainshower for example, she would call me Mr. Sniffy.  When she wanted me to come into a room with her, she would call me Jet-a-la.  My “Jetster” nickname appeared one night during a walk with Mary Ann and Dixie, when I showed particular swagger.  Since Mom is a Jersey girl, Mary Ann  called me Jettylicious during a walk once; I remember Mom laughing.   Over the two years Mom contemplated writing this blog, she tried to think of a good title.  On a splendid morning walk, she looked over at me and said, Jetty Spaghetti.  Really Mom, that’s the best you could do?  That name still makes me smile, Jet. Oh, and when I sucker Mom into a belly rub or two or three, she calls me Mr. Belly Boy.

When Mom calls me Boo Boo, I can tell from the tone in her voice she’s happy with me.  She usually says this when it’s time to get ready for bed, or cuddle up on the couch, or get brushed.  My favorite name? Member of the family.