Mischief Monday – Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Well, finally, we have some non-house related mischief.  Last Thursday, we leashed up as always, JJ’s pink leash clipped on her collar and my manly man blue/white leash clipped to my heavy duty blue harness.  We exited left for our evening constitutional without Mary Ann and Dixie, since they both were that thingie called “under the weather.”

We made a right, then a left, crossed over the canal, then practiced waiting at the stop sign, crossed the street, made a left and trotted straight as usual, when I may have pulled a smidge to look at a clump of flowers to empty my tank on.  All of a sudden, Mom had a limp leash unattached to yours truly!  My sniffer, busy at its task, did not notice the lack of connection.  Mom later told Mary Ann she felt scared that I would bolt.  This particular street has more traffic than ours and a few of the others we visit, so, you can imagine her concern.

Keeping her nerves in check, she subtly quickened her pace to match mine while keeping JJ in a normal rhythm.  Within two houses, she grabbed my harness and told me what a good boy I was.  (Mom, like I didn’t know already???) Luckily, JJ’s leash has two segments, a four foot connected to a two foot.  Mom disconnected the two foot piece and quickly reconnected the four foot segment to JJ’s collar.  I continued to remain reasonably still while Mom hung on to my harness’s double D rings.  She figured out some way to use the two foot segment to clip onto my D rings and double hitched the rest to my blue leash.

The scents after the rains distracted me from noticing any differences and off we went to complete our circuit.  We have a spare leash (purple) at home, however, the style hurts Mom’s hand a tad.  We’ve investigated new leashes and so far came up with Mountain Dog Leash (blue of course) from Olive Green.  We like the idea of JJ’s leash, however, it’s shredded a lot in a short time.  Considering how easy JJ walks on her leash, we consider it a negative of the leash, although Mom LOVES the handle.

Any suggestions???

Another great, except for the broken clip, day.

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