Virtual Memory? Too Low … Huh?

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Boy did we have other plans for you today…

However, the virtual highway had other ideas… as did Mom’s computer.  Over the last few days, (ok, weeks), Mom’s computer has taken longer to think whether it wants to do this thingie called toggle between the different functions or even load features like Word, Outlook, Google Chrome, or her recipe software.  Sometimes, it can take as long as 3-5 min. (seems like FOREVER in dog years) to load your wonderful posts and forget commenting and hitting send…

I know I’ve shared before that Mom receives about 300-400 emails/day from her Kitchen Counselor account and her personal account.  I’ve watched and she really tries to winnow (vocab builder) them down while addressing the items requiring her attention.  That’s besides her job, jobs… Whoops, I digressed again.

So, yesterday, Mr. Computer seemed to drag it’s virtual little toes through virtual muck and then it popped this little sign up saying virtual memory low.  HUH?

Who understands this stuff?

All Mom knew is that she better start hitting that delete button a lot more.  I gave Mom time off today to get some of that done.  She’s deleted about 600  emails and eliminated 36 items from her recycle bin – Yay Mom!

Thanks for bearing with us, we really have much more interesting stuff to say and share… however, gotta roll with the technical issues first.

Another great, hit that delete button, day!