Merry Newfmas and Happy Houndlidays!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Pet-Blogger-Gift-Exchange1When we read about Honey’s Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, we just knew we had to participate.  We emailed the fetching Honey and Miss Pamela and then… we found out our secret match, our pals at Newf and Hound!

Here are the rules:

  1. Share encouragement and compliments – Easy Peasy!
  2. Link up here – No problem! 
  3. Share on any and all social media – Hmpf… as you know, Mom limits me to blog only!

When we first met long haired dachshunds, Ernie, Hazel and Nooner, we got a kick out of the fact that they shared their forever home with Foyle the Newfoundland!  You can read how that all came about here.  You know how Mom feels about fluffy fur, so, we were hooked right away.  Furthermore, they live in Mom’s favorite area of the U.S., San Francisco.


We love the diversity of subject matter, ranging from:

  • Their hiking adventures – you have to see the three petite Doxies keeping up with Foyle!
  • dachshund dressBucket Babe – Fashion.  Little Miss Fashion Plate ogled (VBP – Vocab Builder Project) the dachshund dress and thought a fall, auburn colored golden retriever pattern would look lovely, too!
  • DJ Track and Hound – they share playlists for different activities.
  • Foyle Fridays.
  • Nooner News.
  • 2012-12-17 Photo Transfer_5Crafts – This week’s project showed how to put the crew on wooden coasters with Mod Podge!
  • Training and Techniques – Check out the post where Foyle chases a coconut!
  • Treats and Food – we both posted reviews of chicken jerky on the same day! Great minds…
  • Letterpress posts show you how to make or where to purchase a variety of pressed prints or die cut items.
  • 6a0105358f3c48970b0134862ca249970c-500wiLandscape Design posts might discuss sustainable outdoor doghouses, planting a front yard garden or a water trough garden.  This topic appeals to our Kitchen K9 side as does the Treats and Food category!
  • One of our favorite categories carries the name – Make This Buy That.  No judgement, simply two options with links to resources.  We especially enjoyed the Raised Dog Feeder  and the Raised Dog Bed.  Mom would like to know if a handy manly-man arrives with the instructions!

We have to find out whether the NewfandHound’s human is affiliated with Etsy or simply enjoys viewing Etsy sites, because we read lots of Etsy references!  NewfandHound has a modern, clean format which we appreciate.  The tone of the writing stays modern too. (Their tag line is “We are 4 modern dogs living in a modern world! Join us on our adventures!” after all!) We would add the adjectives informative, creative, interesting, playful, and positive with gorgeous photos to boot!

Visit NewfandHound to see what Ernie, Hazel, Nooner and Foyle are up to.  Wish them a Merry Newfmas and Happy Houndlidays and let them know that Jetty sent ya!

Another great NewfandHound day!

Thanks to Life With DogsConfessions of the Plume and Two Little Cavaliers for hosting the Saturday Blog Hop.

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Our Twelfth Black & White Sunday – Like a Pig in Mud

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, Mom took Little Miss Never Visited a Park Before and I to a new for us park.  We met Madrina (Godmother) there.   Except for the car that was broken into (not ours), we had a great time.

Another great day at the park.

Thanks to My Life in Blog Years ​and Dachshund Nola for hosting the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

Mom FINALLY brought me to the Market

Hey, it’s Jet here.

Mom got this thing called laid off from the Farmers Market, which made her sad.  Since she had to hand in her last receipts, I decided  suggested I go with her to visit her vendor friends.  Also, I thought it only fair since JJ went for a special car ride on Thursday.  (more about that another time.)

Yesterday, our friend, Amanda, called us from the Cayman airport to say that she and her son, Will, were flying up for 2 days and would Mom like to meet them at the market. (Will really enjoys the market when he visits.) Mom kept  their visit a surprise.

Will took some of the pictures and walked me better than Mom, according to Mom.

Me, waiting politely while Mom spoke with Miss Karin.

Miss Karin telling Mom about her new gluten free items.  Mom taste tests for her.

Sniffing out the best tomatoes…

Learning about Italian olive oil… I LOVE olive oil… 

If Mom REALLY loved me…

I met some new acquaintances:


Hey Mom, when can we go back, when? when? when?

Another great Farmers Market Day.

Good Sports-Dog-Ship

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Sorry for the late post, however, the electrical poltergeist visited our house again.  Yup, Mom told us (including my human sister, Rachel) that this thingie called a server fell down, went down… something like that.  So for almost a day, we couldn’t post for you.  Mom went into ESI (Electrical Scene Investigation) mode this morning, and discovered: THREE wires mysteriously were unplugged.  She plugged them in, waited a bit and voila – we’re back!

We want to publicly congratulate Malachy, the Peke, on his Westminster win Tuesday evening.  That little guy entertained us as he trotted around the ring.  We enjoy watching the two night contest (via tivo) and cheering for our favorites.  Mom says it’s sort of like watching the NBA playoffs and finals packed into two nights.  Mom really pays attention to the announcer when he details the heritage and the characteristics of each breed.

Now, if you will permit me to break down the contest from my point of view:

Night One selected the first four group winners:

Hound Group – We like the array of body shapes from sleek to low lying.  Of course we rooted for the three dachshunds in Dixie’s honor and the wire-haired guy won!  We can’t wait to chat with Dixie about this.

Toy Group – Rachel would usually find this group most appealing as she is a “small dog” person, however, she has the flu and stayed under her covers all night.

Non-Sporting Group – First of all, this group needs a much jazzier name, any suggestions?  How about the cool breed name group?  We like this group for their diversity.  The Dalmatian win reminded Mom how popular Dalmatians were when she was a little girl.   Celebrating wrinkles made Mom smile (aka the Sharpei winning 2nd place.)

Herding Group – Since I joined the family, Mom pays much closer attention to this group.  We try to find similarities to my “Mr. Handsome” looks and the breeds in this group.  Mom also listens extra carefully to the breed descriptions to get a better sense of what comes naturally to herders like me!  Who doesn’t love the German Shepherd?  The Garden went nuts.  Our only curiosity, why German Shepherd Dog? We do not call JJ Golden Retriever Dog?  Hmm… will have to investigate.

Night two commentary tomorrow.

Another great day.


Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Bet you thought the title would be Superbowl, huh? (Go Giants.  See yesterday’s post.)

Last night, JJ, Mom,Dixie, Miss Mary Ann and I headed out for a pack walk.  I’m still having residual boom issues causing a strange preference of altering Mom and Miss Mary Ann’s evening route. Dixie required a few rests in Miss Mary Ann’s arms as JJ and I stride at a ratio of probably 1:10 ish.  We try to walk at a leisurely pace to allow Dixie an easier way to keep up.  Her Mini-Dachshund paws are adorable to watch trot along.

Since JJ didn’t finish her ahem… solid business and I STRONGLY desired to return to the warmth of my hearth (the kitchen), Mom brought me inside and returned outside with JJ and the ladies.  Of course, Little Miss Easy Going, (Jet… Yes Mom? You know.) my sister finished her business quickly and the ladies hung out by our STOP sign chatting.

Soon thereafter, Miss Beverly and Neve joined them for more Girls’ Talk.  I heard through the windows lots of laughter, talking, and only a few barks from Dixie.  Mom says Dixie still needs final adjustments to JJ while Neve and JJ are already good friends.  I think Dixie just misses Koko a lot, which we totally understand.

Jet? Yes, Mom? Would you mind if I finish the story because I’m not sure you could hear what happened next. Sure Mom. You’re a sweetheart, Jetty.  Aw shucks, Mom.

Imagine a picture of JJ here.

Beverly, Mary Ann and I ended our conversation and as the custom goes said our goodbyes to each other’s dogs.  We try to pet them as we do so and try not to look like Twister with the leashes.  Mary Ann and I,  absorbed with our goodbyes, did not pay attention to Beverly petting JJ and wishing her a good evening.  Next thing we heard was a burping sound fit for a burly man at pub on St. Patrick’s Day!  The three of us burst into hysterical laughter realizing the sound emanated from my slender, feminine, sweet, girlie girl!   Mary Ann reminded JJ of her family’s motto… always let it out.  Mary Ann, clearly JJ has that covered!  Think I can teach her some movement for Excuse Me?  Back to you my boy.  Thanks Mom.

Another great (let it out?) day.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Black

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

We apologize for the late post.  Mom has fought her computer again.  She said this thing called firefox will not work and she had difficulty accessing the internet.  She figured out a temporary solution and here we are.

Just as my nightly Courage Meter began to inch up, last night happened.  

My human sister, Rachel, accompanied us on our nightly walk to Dixie’s house.  The ladies tried a new idea to shift me over my reluctance (Jet – reluctance? Let’s try refusal) to walk past Dixie’s house.  We crossed the street and guess what? Same thing!  Back to the Drawing Board. 

Shortly after returning home, we heard a big boom.  Mom suggests the word explosion to differentiate (I’ve worked on building my vocabulary!) between the holiday booms and last night’s sound.  She told Rachel that the sound probably arose from a transformer blowing out, not that uncommon in our area, unfortunately.  We weathered that noise reasonably well.   And then… 

While Mom and JJ walked outside for last tank emptying (I couldn’t muster enough courage.), IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  Within an hour give or take, a louder boom of the same nature occurred, freaking out Rachel and I in the house and JJ and Mom outside.  Mom returned quickly with JJ, tried to calm all of us down and decided to check in with the police.  The dispatcher said she would send out a car to the area.  Good idea Mom.  Thanks Jetty

About 15-20 minutes later, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  Rachel and I really freaked out this time.  Mom called the police again.  They said we were the only call, however, the officer from the first call did hear the boom.  Mary Ann called Mom to say she heard it too and Mr. Jim called the police.  

Well, another 15-20 minutes passed, and BLACK, the lights went out.  For all the horror movies Rachel watches, she joined me in my extreme discomfort.  Mom got out the flashlights and candles.  Rachel called her Dad, who investigated and learned that 500 houses in our area lost power.  Eventually, we settled into the darkness with Rachel and Mom chatting from bedroom to bedroom.  We heard the FPL trucks which restored power within about one and a half hours, just as Mom, JJ, and I drifted off to sleep. 

Another great day.  (because I can catch up on my sleep and it’s light out…)

Booms, Pops, and now FIRE?

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Can I just recap the week?  Tough stuff I tell ya…How much is a guy supposed to endure?

Saturday: Booms, pops, streaky lights and smoke for hours on end with lots of screaming.  Go out? You must be kidding!

Sunday: A few booms, good amount of pops, can’t trick me into going out, uh uh.

Monday: Pops sprinkled throughout the afternoon and evening.  Mom tries to strategically take me out.  Mary Ann and Dixie come over for extra support.  We walk down the block 3 houses, I hear a pop and that’s the end of that.

Tuesday:  Less pops, my human sister, Rachel, tries to work her magic with me.  Even she can’t convince me to leave the garage.

Wednesday:  Random pops, I make it to the canal in the backyard for a quick tank emptying and scurry back into the house.

Thursday: Mary Ann and Dixie visit again.  I join the pack for about 5 minutes, empty my tank quickly, hear the pop before the humans and Mom brings me back to the house and continues the walk with the girls.

Last night:  I make it to the stop sign at the corner of my yard, empty the tank, pause, and then signal to go home.  When Mom and JJ continue to walk, Mom notices fireplace smells.  She realizes that’s why I continue my reluctance to walk.  You see, the border collie part of me instinctively knows fire equals danger for my herd.  (herd in the loosest sense here.) Why would I put any of us in danger?  So, I go from fearful to protective and smart as a whip in one night!  Jetty, I think you’re putting a spin on things, to a degree.  I’ll give you the border collie instinct if you admit to working on your fear.  Well… Ok, Mom, I can do that.  I’m proud of you, Jet. 

Another great, when will this stuff end? day.