Mischief Monday – This Was Not Supposed To Happen

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Fair warning… delicate topic today.  When you adopt a K9, at least in our area, they must be “fixed.”  Mom says she prefers not to share the definition as I may “lose my cookies!” in light of the area affected.  Anyway, Mom confirmed JJ’s status with Golden Rescue South Florida when we adopted JJ in December.  Miss Carol said Animal Services told her JJ was this thing called spayed.

W-R-O-N-G!  In February, Mom got a big surprise and I acted quite differently towards Miss JJ.  Mom asked around and learned that K9s typically “go into heat” twice a year.  Mom spoke with Judy at Dr. Shaffer’s office on Friday about just this topic.  She figured JJ would get “fixed” in June/July.

Well, that cycle stuff showed up TODAY, a mere THREE months after the first time!  Mom and my human sister had to get out the “accessory.”  Can’t that cycle thingie do proper math calculations???

To help JJ feel less self conscience, Mom and Miss Mary Ann (really Miss Mary Ann who has much more talent in this area) toyed around with a name or two:

  • Aunt Flo’s Granny Panties
  • . Panties
  • The Denim Diaper (Rachel’s contribution)

Another great, but confusing girl stuff, day.

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