Our Sixteenth Black & White Sunday – Cone of Courage

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom and I decided to turn the “Cone of Shame” upside down… meet the Cone of Courage!

cone of courage 1

Another great Cone of Courage day.

Thanks to My Life in Blog Years ​and Dachshund Nola for hosting the Black and White Sunday blog hop.

black and white sunday

A Drop (Maybe a Cup) of Courage

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Wow, we’re posting late today!  Mom and I had to catch up on Zzzzs because of the last few days.  Since that awful night where the booms started, I cannot seem to muster the courage to go out when the sun goes down.  At some point (very late or extremely early) my tank can’t take it any more and I MUST go empty it.  Mom and I have fallen off schedule; I can sneak in lots of naps, however, she must go earn the biscuits (read this), so, she’s just plain sleepy.

Every time I give Mom the “signal”, which usually looks like me pestering her while she’s working at the computer, she tells me, “Ok, Jetty, let’s try again.”  She puts on my harness or sometimes she leaves my harness on so she can quickly click on my leash before I change my mind.  The process requires three and a half steps:

  • Exit the kitchen/garage door.
  • Exit garage door to outside world.
  • Refrain from making a 180 degree turn back into garage after sniffing the air.
  • (Here’s the half step.) Not hear any pops or booms en route which cause me to pull Mom and JJ really hard all the way home.

Jetty, I know how hard you try.  I can see the wheels turning and the courage meter needle wavering, trying to reach the full line.  You remind me of when I was in 6th grade, playing Dororthy in the Wizard of Oz.  My friend, Bruce, played the Cowardly Lion.  Watching you reminds me of watching his face throughout the play as he gets braver and braver.  Like the Lion, you will get your courage back and find a way to walk at night to empty your tank comfortably.  We go through this every year, you’re a brave boy.  Like I tell you every night when I look in your eyes and kiss you on the nose; I know you can do it.  Thanks Mom.

Another great day and hopefully braver night.