Wordless Wednesday – Mom’s Desperate!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

For those long time readers, you know that I have ahem, a fear, strong dislike, panic attack with each and every storm. We originally thought that Little Miss Perfect was immune, however, poor petunia, she’s turning out to have the same issues as me! Instead of scratching/climbing walls, JJ turns into Little Miss Barkarooni/shiver girl! Can’t recall exactly when, however, over the last few days, Mom came across the following and may seriously contemplate using up some biscuit $ to purchase…Mutt Muffs!


JJ can maintain her accessory color!

could it really help in this situation???

Mom could do the mutt muff/thundershirt combo…

JJ could cuddle with her toys…

and… I could know doubt rock them out like this guy! I have the red raincoat, all I need are the red doggles to become Super Jetty!


Another great, maybe soundproof, day.

Thanks to blogpaws for hosting the Wordless Wednesday Hop.  To all our anipals attending the conference, have a PAWESOME time, wish we were there.