Our 7th Black & White Sunday: LC Caught – Finally!

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom unexpectedly visited Austin yesterday afternoon.  Whenever Mom helps Mr. Andy with Austin, she also takes care of the outside feline, Little Cat. (For the life of her, Mom cannot remember LC’s real name!)  Yesterday, she finally caught LC in a photo!  (notice LC’s tongue!)

Another great, finally captured Little Cat, day!

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Wordless Wednesday: Devil Kitty Revealed

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Words of explanation –

Miss Mary Ann introduced her long time family friend, Miss Brenda, to Mom a few years ago.  Miss Brenda takes care of Dixie when Miss Mary Ann and her dad, Mr. Jim, go on holiday.  JJ and I get to hang out with Miss Brenda on walks during those times, so we know her, too.  Miss Brenda shares her home with a beautiful tortoise colored feline named Bandit.  (Beautiful according to Mom, I’m not an honest judge of felines.)

When Miss Brenda goes on holiday to visit her son and his children, Bandit moves in with Miss Mary Ann.  Miss Mary Ann is not particularly a “cat person.”  She admires felines from afar.  Bandit and Miss Mary Ann have always had a “let’s do this for Miss Brenda” attitude.  However, after years of hisses and non-bonding moments, Miss Mary Ann dubbed Bandit, “Devil Kitty” or DK for short.

This week, Miss Brenda spent time visiting her son and grandchildren.  To prove Bandit’s two personalities, Miss Mary Ann sent the following pictures to Miss Brenda:

Before –

After –

You decide!

Another great finicky feline day.

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Wordless Wednesday: JJ’s New Princess Pillow

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Last week, Miss Mary Ann kindly shared an oh-so-gently-tried bed/pillow that Miss Dixie did not resonate with.  As mentioned a few weeks back, JJ needed a day bed of her own, since she’s been cozying up in mine lately, so the timing was perfect.  Since Miss Mary Ann calls JJ Princess Jasmine, we thought calling the new bed (conveniently placed by Mom’s office chair) the Princess Pillow.  Until… 

Princess Pillow, Shmrincess Pillow… Puff for Puff has a better ring to it!  Oh and by the way… you’re blocking my royal sunlight!

Another great, who’s sitting on my pillow? day.

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Not the Valentines Paparazzi

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

We’re participating in our first Blogpaws.com Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.  Mom and I find silence a challenge, so, we went to the master, Puffy.  Man, he can give you one look and you know exactly what he means.  Mom tried to give him a Valentines kiss and look what he did.   

  Then he asked for Mom’s protection from the Valentines Paparazzi.  I think he was more worried about being caught by the feline fashion police for the pink leopard print!

Another great and slightly less wordy Wednesday.!

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I Can’t Believe I’m Writing This…

Yo, Puffy the Cat here.

When I gave my K9 brother a snapshot of what I had to say, he told me to go ahead and dictate to Mom by all means.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this publicly.  After all, you all know the story of how Jet and I met.  When Mom forced the new golden K9 on us in December, I gotta say, Jet stepped up to the plate.  Read this.

Well, seven long weeks have passed and that golden K9 still thinks Fluffy and I are TOYS.  EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT SHE:

  • Jumps up on our Mom’s bed and chases us off; leaving us precious little Mom time or soft napping spaces.
  • Jumps up on our the bathroom vanity disturbing our fresh water drinking.  No matter how many times I hiss and swat her, she comes back for more.
  •  Chases Fluffy and I throughout our the house until we reach the gate of protection at the entrance to the laundry room.
  • At breakfast and dinner time, she chases us into the laundry room and then jumps up on our the countertop watching our feeding process, pawing at our hind quarters.  This lasts for a few minutes until Mom pours the kibble into Jet and JJ’s bowls.  How humiliating!
  • If Fluffy or I try to take our proper positions of TEN years on top of the family room couch, she hops up and chases us off, how rude!
  • Fluffy and I enjoy afternoons in the sun lounging in our the office chair.  “You know who” sniffs us out and annoys us until we must exit or pull our fur out.

The ONLY and I do mean ONLY upside – my boy Jet continues to have our backs by diverting her attention:

  • Jet will start wrestling with JJ which takes her off countertops.
  • Howls and/or barks some sort of K9 warning to let us eat in peace.
  • Jet places his body broadside so SHE cannot jump up on the vanity and disturb out water imbibing.
  • At times, Jet will lie on the bed in a way that blocks us from JJ’s attempts to “play” with us.

Considering this Sunday (Superbowl)  is a day to hang with the guys, I thought I would send a shout out to my unlikely pal, Jet.

Another reasonably fine day, I guess.

UN Negotiations – Send Me In!

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit, I thought I should introduce you to the lower life forms I share my house with.  Jet, that’s not an acceptable way to speak about your feline brothers Puffy and Fluffy.  Mom, you should hear how Puffy talks about me.  He ALWAYS reminds me: Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.  Well, Jet, two wrongs do not make a right, I will speak with him about this.  Yes, Mom.

Anyway, as I was going to say before Mom had to get her two cents in.  (Jet…) Yeah, I know Mom.  When I joined the family, the top priority was to set the pecking order.  Koko, well, she immediately informed me that she had no interest in politics.  One down, two to go.  Upon meeting, Fluffy seemed like a decent guy, the only thing – he NEVER stops talking to Mom.  How much can one guy possibly have to say?  Then, I met Puffy.

Puffy held “Head Honcho” position prior to my arrival.  After surveying the whole house, the time came for a showdown.

Puffy: Dude, this is my turf.

Me:  There’s a new K9 in town.

Puffy:  Hiss.  Cats Rule, Dogs Drool – SEE MOM, TOLD YOU!

Me:  Woof, Woof – I’m bigger and louder.  Unlike my sister, I bark and chase and I’m not afraid to go under the bed.

Puffy: A superior feline such as myself can jump higher and outfox you  anytime.

Me: Big Woof.  I can block the door to the laundry room and you’ll never see your food bowl or litter box again.

Puffy: Who needs this job, I can spend my time much more wisely.

Me: Glad you see it my way.

From my perspective, Jet walked in the house, he looked and sniffed around, we introduced him properly (tush first) to Koko, then, Fluffy, then Puffy.  I knew Puffy had been the alpha, so, I anticipated a hiss or two.  They stared at each other for what felt like a few minutes and it was all over, Jet assumed the alpha post.  Oh, I should mention, that I told all four that I would accept nothing less than a harmonious house.  After three years, I recently made a mental note that Puffy and Jet concurrently rested on my bed with me.