Mischief Monday: I Couldn’t Help It…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

On Saturday, Rachel and Mom left JJ, Pluffy and me to our own devices for a few hours.  While they gallivanted (vocab building project VBP) around town (Jetty, we ran mundane errands…), we stayed home.  Ok, we took long, comfy snoozes, but still…

Mom dropped Rachel off at a meeting and went to meet a friend while doing more errands.  During this part, the sky turned black and sent streaky lights, booms and pouring water down.  When Mom walked in with a bag of groceries, she found me like this:

  • She said I MUST ask you to see where my back paw is… yes, it’s stuck in the gate.  You see, I tried to squish my handsome self out of the laundry room through the feline door.  Yes, I know this is beneath me.  The call of the litter box during storms sounds like a symphony I tell you!
  • She said I MUST ask you to note that I disengaged the gate from the walls.  What can I say, I’m strong!
  • Mom said I MUST also ask you to notice that spot on my nose.  Yes, that’s what you think it is from the litter box.  How humiliating!
  • Mom said I MUST ask you to look at the 3 bowls I knocked over leaving general chaos on the floor.
  • She said I MUST accept the title of Mischief Maker this week.  (hanging my head, pitifully…)

Another, got stuck in the gate, sort of great day.

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Bucket City

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

If you happen to read Miss Wendy’s comment from yesterday, you’ll note that we had booms, streaky lights and rain on Monday/Monday Night/Tuesday.  Miss Wendy, my bff pen pal, rescued her golden girl, Cassie, from GRSF, the same group that saved me from … too difficult to say.  Turns out, Cassie and I share a lot of behaviors in common.  I wish we could play and visit all the time, however, we live about 45 minutes apart.  Anyway, poor Cassie (and poor Miss Wendy) could not rest a wink due to the weather.  I experienced similar discomfort; I finally settled in one of my safe spots under Mom’s vanity.

I really try to keep an open mind about storms.  My favorite lemongrass bush looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family, flopped over and limpid.  Mom reminded me that we really needed the rain.

This next part of the post, well, Mom suggested, urged, forced me to share.  When the weather scares me, I feel this thing called anxiety. Scooby Doo Academy recommends keeping a journal for personal growth.  Dude, I’m all about studying, learning, growing, self-improvement…but journaling my feelings?  I’m a GUY… the whole dudes from Mars/Ladies from Venus thing…  Jet?  Yes Mom.  If you think about it, your blog is your journal.  Yeah?  Oh YEAH, wow, I’m evolved!  Yes Jetty, you are, so finish about you know what.  Yes Mom.

So, when weather anxiety occupies my body and Mom’s not home, an invisible pull with the strength of a super magnet, draws me nose first to the cat litter box.  I can’t help myself, I can’t even express the details, let’s just say you know I’ve visited because litter sticks to the wet part of my nose.

Mom and Auntie Angela tried various strategies over the years to prevent my visits:

  • Turn the box around.
  • Block it with old Cat litter buckets;
  • Add laundry liquid containers to the barrier;
  • Add Oxiclean box to buckets;
  • Add Costco-sized vinegar containers to buckets,
  • Put heavy, then heavier items in buckets,
  • Finally… PUT UP A FENCE!

And yet… last night, when Mom returned home and went to kiss my face, there it was, the evidence stuck to my nose.

Another sort of great day.