Morning After Wrappers

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Oh, the joy, the wonderment, the symphony of smells… and after all, I’m worth it!  I suffered a long weekend of booms and streaky lights (Mom says thunder and lightening) causing me to shiver and shake.  I heard Mary Ann (Dixie, my miniature Dachshund friend’s Mom) tell Mom that we received 9 inches of rain along with the wind which knocked over lots of trash and recycling bins on Sunday night.

So this morning, as the wind breezed through my fur, I sniffed the multitude of Halloween wrappers on the ground, the delectable detritus left from the receding water, and of course, who could resist the garbage/recycling remnants strewn all over the grass on my regular morning route.  I tried to further investigate these items with my tongue, but, Mom did that “tch” sound thing she learned from this guy, Caesar Milan, to snap me out of it.  She and Mary Ann met this Caesar guy last year and Dixie, Koko and I had to hear about it for months.

I almost forgot to tell you how great Halloween was.  Mom’s still learning how to post pictures for me; she apologizes and will edit this post when she figures it out.  I wore my glow in the dark T-shirt and as always, I looked handsome.  When the doorbell rang, I did my Halloween howl (ok, more like bark) and went to the door to help Mom give out candy.

Another great day.